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At North Perth Primary School we use the Department of Education reporting templates for all year levels, including Kindergarten. The Semester 2 Student Reports were distributed on Monday, 11 December 2017.

Parents of Pre-primary to Year 6 students may also request a Learning Area Grade Report for their child’s year level. This report shows the grade achievement in each of learning areas for the selected year group. It will also show the number of students in each of the achievement levels and the total number of students within the learning area. For example:  The Year 5 Learning Area Grade Report will include 12 areas including the following:


A – 3      B – 21    C – 23    D – 1      E – 0       No allocated Grade – 0

Total: 48


A – 6      B – 17    C – 23    D – 2      E – 0       No allocated Grade – 0

Total: 48

The report assists parents to compare their child’s achievement to other students in the same year level at North Perth Primary School.

To obtain a Learning Area Grade Report email, including LAGR and the year level being requested in the subject line eg LAGR – Year 5.


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