Room 6 have been extremely busy making 3D Beast Shapes using 3D nets to design and build their Beasts. They have been exploring and connecting three-dimensional objects with their nets and other two-dimensional representations. Students have also been comparing and describing two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes.

Whilst we’ve been busy with Mathematics, we’ve have also been busy studying Biological Science, studying our Living Eggs, that are now rather lively and cute! Thanks to Living Eggs, WA, room 6, along with room 5 have been looking at the life cycle of chickens and how they develop. On October, 22nd, 2020, we hatched 3 rather cute chicks and have been observing them grow and learning just how dependent they are on us. Students in room 6 have completed their Information reports on Living Eggs and will be completing a Procedure document on how to look after poultry from fertilised eggs through to adult chickens. We are having so much fun looking after our 3 little characters, affectionately called, Fluff Butt, Nugget and Schnitzel. They have become a large part of the Room 6 North Perth Primary School Family.

Still on the egg theme, we have been enjoying our STEM project, The Great Egg Drop. The students in room 6 had to design and build a vessel that would hold an egg securely and protect it from breaking. Once their vessels had been built, the students then tested their design by dropping them from 1 metre, then 2 metres and finally from the veranda on the oval, approximately 3.5 metres. Nearly all the vessels worked from 3.5 metres and all vessels protected their eggs from the lower heights. This activity also gave the students the opportunity to work collaboratively with partners or in small groups.

This has been a very busy term in room 6 and the students have worked extremely hard, so now we busy getting ready for NPPS Night of Celebration!


Lately, Room 5 have been creating NAIDOC week posters. During Maths, we have learnt about Symmetry and Decimal Fractions. We have created symmetrical patterns with our names, that included rotational symmetry. In English, we are writing informational texts on spiders. We chose spiders because we are reading Charlotte’s Web as a whole class, and this was our inspiration.


In English we have been learning about poems. The poems that we have been trying to write are: Limericks, Acrostic and Haikus. We have been playing around with using alliteration and onomatopoeia. You can see our work in the classroom.

In Maths we have currently been learning about how area works. We got to trace around our hand to see how many square centimetres they were, practicing our estimation.

In Design we have been learning about how things stay in the air. We have been building parachutes and dropping them from chairs and seeing how long they would take to float to the ground.

In Science we have been learning how push and pull works. Gravity has a lot to do with push and pull. We will be investigating this in an experiment.

By Mason and Mila


English – Poetry
Over the past two weeks we have been learning about different types of poetry. So far we have learnt about haikus, limericks, cinquains and odes. Check out our display of poetry in the hall.
Leah & Lucia

Mathematics – Measurement
In Maths the Year 4s have been learning about area. Ms Covban gave us a task where we had to find all the different shapes you could make with 14 square metres. We used grid paper and one centimetre blocks. We learnt that to find an area you multiply the width by the length.
Maggie & Saskia

Science – Desert Survivors
In Science we have been learning about desert survivors and how animals and plants adapt to their environment. We have been researching different animals and how they have evolved to this day.
Mary & Sofia

Visual Art – Desert Survivors
In Visual Art with Mrs Hart we are painting Australian North West desert survivor animals. We are using a warm coloured background with some white and black blended into it. Some of the animals we have chosen are the spinifex hopping mouse, dingoes, emu, thorny devil and frilled neck lizard.
Ruby & Pablo

Physical Education – Rugby Skills
This term Ms Covban has been our sports teacher because Mr Naumovski has been away. We have been practicing rugby skills like passing, kicking and running. It has been physically awesome!
Jozi & Jordy

Open Classroom
On Tuesday the 28th of May our parents came to visit our open classroom. We learnt about reconciliation and completed a word search and designed a poster. When we finished, we read a chapter of our class novel (Two Weeks with the Queen) to our parents and class mates. It was super fun and we hope we can do it again!
Chemia & Olivia


Our Flawless 4/5 class has had a very busy start to Term 4 and we are working hard. Over the last week we have managed to fit in some fun as well. We hope you enjoy reading about what we get up to in Room 12!

For debating we used a program called GoZone debating. They provided us with a script, but we had to make our own points. First, Miss Armstrong told us the structure of debating. She explained how we have to define the topic and how to rebut. We had to think up of 6 main points and two pieces of evidence to support these points. When we finished our draft we had to type it out on our laptop. After that Ms Covban supplied us with palm cards and a ring to write our script on. I usually practised with my group, but sometimes I presented my debate to my friends to get a new perspective. I asked them to time me so that my debate is less than 3 minutes. I find debating fun and I am definitely going to miss it when we have finished.

This term in Room 12 we have been studying the novel, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Hatchet is about a boy called Brain who knows a secret about his parents, but they are unaware that he knows about it. Brian is on his way to see his father when on the flight, the pilot has a heart attack. He tries to fly the plane, but ends up crashing it! Suddenly, he finds himself right in the middle of the Canadian wilderness with nothing apart from his clothing, a tattered windbreaker and a Hatchet his mother gave him. Luckily, he survived the crash however, he is left very injured, alone and desperate to find shelter and food for survival! The dreadful secret about his parents divorcing is tearing him apart every day, but Brian has no time to stress or be angry. All he has to do is hope that he will survive!

Digital Technology:
In digital tech this term we’ve been learning how to code for a grocery store checkout. We go on Scratch and try completing the progress of coding. We pick ten items and make it a list and/or a variable. It is really fun and easy when Miss Armstrong is teaching us.

Melbourne Cup:
On the day before the Melbourne Cup (Monday) in the afternoon, we were all allowed to make fascinators for the next day. It was not just out of plain paper and textas, we had pipe cleaners, cupcake patty pans, tissue paper, glitter and more! There were a lot of creative designs too like Eloise’s very fancy top hat, Luca’s pipe cleaner bow tie and of course Cloe’s rabbit fascinator! On the actual Melbourne Cup day we were all given a horse and watched the race with Room 13.


At the end of last term, Room 19 had lots of fun on our Maths Problem Solving Day. All year we have been practising our problem solving skills by learning about the different problem solving strategies we can use to answer questions. On the last day of term, our mathematicians in Room 19 were able to put their skills to the test. They rotated around to different classes and completed 4 different problem solving activities throughout the day. They used their knowledge of the KSAR (Know, Select, Apply, Review) approach to tackle these problems. The students absolutely enjoyed the hands on activity day and especially loved dressing up.



Welcome to our Flaming 4 class newsletter! We presented our Charlie & the Chocolate Factory assembly on Wednesday 1 November. Our class studied the book last term and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, the life of the amazing Roald Dahl and we have learnt heaps about chocolate!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written by Roald Dahl in 1964. Did you know Roald Dahl’s favourite colour was yellow and he wrote with a yellow pencil on yellow paper! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was made into a film in 1971 and once again in 2005.

During Bike Ed we learnt about all of the safety habits you need to know when riding a bicycle. We also learnt about bike safety checks before you get on your bike. We really enjoyed having Christina and Mike teaching us the correct ways of bike riding.

Ethan & Evan

Our class has enjoyed two STEAM sessions this term. We were introduced to the techno-disc which is a small plastic disc that has lights that can change colours. The lights have movement sensors. We played games were we had to move without the techno-disc changing colours. We’re looking forward to the next sessions where we can build healthy, creative movers and thinkers!

Laura & Sofia