Do you want a magnificent suit or the best new sparkly crown money can
buy? Well, you need to visit the Year 2s in Room15. During Term 3, they have
been busy writing persuasive texts about the wonderful products they can
make for an emperor.

After reading the narrative, The Emperor’s New Clothes, the students learnt
and orally retold a persuasive text called ‘Buy My Spectacular Suit’. They had
lots of fun coming up with actions to help with the retell.

As they learnt the text, the students explored the persuasive devices writers
use to persuade including modality verbs and emotive words. Here are some
of the emotive words the students brainstormed:


In the last two weeks of Term 2, students in Room 14 explored the process of designing and producing a product that meets the needs or wants of the community as part of the Design and Technology learning area.

As a class, we discussed how shops need to provide products that customers want or need to buy. In small groups of three to four students they had to decide on a product they could make to ‘sell’ to their classmates using the given materials. Once this was agreed upon they then drew and designed what their product would look like and described the purpose of it. The students then had to have a go at making a prototype. They then got feedback and had to decide on any changes their product needed. Once this process was completed, their group then produced between four and six of their chosen stall items. The next task was to design and make advertising and signage for their stall. Students set up their stalls and took it in turns to run the stall and shop at the stalls using pretend money. They then reflected on the success of their store.

It was a wonderful morning and there was such an exciting buzz in the air as students participated in this rich learning experience. There were wonderful products produced such as, fidget spinners, photo frames, friendship bracelets, knitted fridge magnets and lots more.


Design and Technology
The class, inspired by the artist Kimmi Cantrell, created their own masks. Designs were sketched, the project
criteria re-examined and changes made. The end result was a set of beautifully constructed, colourful masks.

The students have been learning about ‘slow motion writing.’ Slow the scene down and describe the situation in terms of the five senses. Here is an extract from Xavier’s recount of the sports day. ‘My blood was pumping. I heard my mum cheering, “Go Xavier!” When we finished we had won. I saw the devastation in the other teams’ eyes. I smelt their disappointment when our team was handed the first place ribbon.”

Maths is always fun when shopping and food are involved! Georgie and Julienne are examining food labels to determine total grams and millilitres.

History and Geography
For thousands of years Aboriginal people have cleverly navigated their way from place to place in Australia. ‘How do they do it?’ was the question posed to the class. Students removed all forms of present day mapping and technology to create paths from home to school using the location of natural landforms and the topography of the land. Pictured are: Daniel, Xavier, Juliette and Emily.

The topic of protective behaviours has been an important part of health lessons recently. The students are becoming familiar with the six ‘Protect Yourself Rules’ and how and when to apply them in their lives. Pictured holding our booklets are: Mason, Ashton, Jasmine and Mirah.

NAIDOC Week and Book Week
The students participated in a cooperative art project as part of NAIDOC Week. Pictured are: Thomas, Alanah, Oscar, Mitchell and Emmeline. They also joined in the fun during book week going to impressive lengths to create highly imaginative costumes. Pictured are Georgie, Amir and Emily.

Room 2 students enjoyed the annual fun run. They said it was….wel….fun! And dodging Mr Baker’s super-soaker made it that much more thrilling! Pictured are: Bronte and Alannah


Room 14 – Year 1/2
Term 3 has been a very busy one in Room 14! Some of the highlights of our term have been:

Assembly – We presented The Great Fairy Tale Disaster for our class assembly. It was about a Big Bad Wolf who had had enough of blowing down pigs’ houses and wanted to find a more relaxing fairy tale to belong to. He tried out many different stories, leaving disaster everywhere he went, before ending up right back where he started! We practised hard and had a lot of fun acting it out for the audience.

Science Week – The theme of Science Week for this year was Destination Moon. When we visited the library, Mrs White introduced us to a book called The Darkest Dark. It was written by real life astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who worked on the International Space Station and is well-known for making videos about life as an astronaut. This inspired us to find some of the videos he’d made to find out more about how astronauts do things like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and even sleeping while in zero gravity.

Book Week – We love reading in Room 14, so Book Week was definitely a highlight. Some of the things we loved the most were dressing up, reading lots of stories, going to the book fair, meeting the Very Cranky Bear, and reading with our Year 5 buddies.

Sports Carnival – A couple of weeks ago, we had our sports carnival. Everyone agreed it was a fun day. We really enjoyed the running races and tabloids. The P&C cake stall was also a very popular event!

Growing Plants – In Science this term, we have been learning about living things. As part of this exploration, we have been growing and observing plants. It has been fun having our own little window garden!


We have been very busy with lots of learning and fun activities with Science Week and Book Week, preparing for Goonderup day, not to mention all our usual learning activities.
In Biological Science we have been finding out about living things and learning about plants and animals and their habitats. To help with our learning about plants, we grew some flowering plants and are observing how each part of it changes as it grows. We are also growing some interesting vegetables in the vegetable patch we share with the other Year 1 classes. We are growing beetroot, parsley and potatoes.

We read Jack in the beanstalk and are now working on texts to persuade Jack to Sell his Cow and then his Golden Goose. Just like Jack, we planted a magic bean but it is taking much longer to grow than Jack’s bean did. Let’s hope it grows soon. Let’s also hope we don’t meet up with a giant!

In maths this week we are learning about Volume and capacity. We have been doing many activities including lots of investigations using both rice and water. Even though everyone has done a great job cleaning up after our explorations, I think the cleaner will be pleased when we move on next week to learn about equal shares.


It has been a super busy start to Term 1 for 2019. Over the course of three weeks in Room 15 we’ve learnt a lot about each other; what‘s required ahead for our big year of learning in Year 2 and how to have lots of fun whilst working hard at school.

During the first three weeks back we have covered and focused on many priorities in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology. The following activities are just a few things we have started on this term.

So far in English we have covered Recount and Narrative writing; explored how we set ideas out in sequence using time words and learnt about writing interesting first introduction paragraphs. We’ve also looked at spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In Mathematics we’ve explored addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. We’ve covered place value and how to represent and order numbers up to 3 digits. We’ve looked at number patterns, partitioning and how to add and subtract two digit numbers efficiently by adding with doubles and getting to 10 to solve equations.

In Chemical Science we’ve focused on the topic of materials and their properties and discovered why some materials are better suited to some jobs than others.

In Social Sciences we have researched the history of North Perth Primary School and compared the differences of the past and present artefacts and the architecture.

In Design and Technology we are exploring different kinds of tools that a variety of people use for their jobs every day. We’ve discussed what tools and materials we could use for our own projects.

The students of Room 15 have had a productive first 3 weeks of the school year. We look forward to what the rest of the year will bring.
Ms Dunn


After a refreshing break over the Term 2 holidays the students are well rested and ready for another term full of fun and hard work. This first week back in Term 3 gave us a kick start to getting ready for our assembly item in Week 4. We are well underway practising for our item.

This Term in English we will be covering curriculum such as Narrative and Persuasive writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, vocabulary instruction and a focus on Reading comprehension.

In Mathematics we will continue to explore addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as patterns, fractions, money and time; we’ll also compare objects between length, area, volume and mass. We’ll look at location and transformation and data representation.

In Geography we’ll be looking at maps, continents and other features of the world. In Science we’ll dive into Earth and Space learning about Earth’s natural resources. In Technology we’ll experiment with Coding on the computer and design and make objects from materials like cardboard and playdough. In Health we’ll focus on identifying what a healthy lifestyle looks like covering food choices, fitness, community and safety.

Our classroom garden bed is being taken care of very well by our garden monitors. Soon we will be harvesting the carrots and basil ready for our next lot of seedlings to be planted.

The students of Room 2 have had a positive first week after the school holidays and we look forward to a productive Term 3.

Ms Dunn


We have been very busy in Room 6 this term. We started off the year with a Teddy Bears Picnic which we shared with some of the other junior classes and our special bear friends.

Each fortnight we tell news. We have a special topic and prepare what we will say at home. When it was Marley’s turn for news he told us about Chinese New Year. He did a special Lion dance for us. It was very interesting learning about the traditions which go with the Chinese New Year. 

During writing we are learning to write Persuasive Text.  Sam’s dad, Duncan knows all about persuading people in his job as a lawyer. He came and spoke to us about persuading. After he had spoken to us we had a try for ourselves. Half the class prepared some ideas to convince our friends about which were best, cats or dogs. The other half of the class thought of arguments about whether skateboards or scooters were best.


The students in Room 5 have quickly settled into the new school year. We have spent lots of time learning about our new classroom and getting to know our classmates.

On Monday this week, we joined the Year 1 and 2 classes on the oval for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Our teddies got a chance to come to school and meet our friends. We ate our picnic snacks on rugs we had brought with us. It was great.

We are going to use our picnic experience to begin our Writing program this term. We’ll be learning about how to write an entertaining personal recount. To help us with our writing, our class bear, Sunny will be going on adventures with us.

Last week, after learning about nouns and adjectives, we had a go at writing some descriptive poems. We had to include 2 nouns, 3 adjectives and then finish with 2 more nouns. Some of these poems are below. Room 5 hope you enjoy reading them.

We are looking forward to a great year with lots of fun learning activities.


We have had a very productive year so far in Year 2 Room 2. Recently in our in our History lessons we have been learning about the Aboriginal culture of Australia. We’ve explored the famous rock, ‘Uluru’, significant Aboriginal sites and Dreaming stories and how they are passed on from elders to family generations through dance, art and oral presentations. We have been working on our assembly item that will be based around this topic.

In our Science lessons recently we have explored Earth’s natural resources which includes water, sand and soil and and how to use these precious commodities resourcefully in our community and homes. Our classroom garden bed is being taken care of very well with our garden monitors.

In Mathematics we’ve been applying problem solving strategies in all areas of maths. Students identify what ‘strategies’ they will use to help them find the answer to a question. Some strategies may include- think carefully, work backwards, look for a pattern, make a table or chart, or make a drawing.

In English we’ve been working on Recount, Narrative and Instructional writing. In story writing (Narrative) we are learning about how to include, ‘character interaction’, this is in regards to characters communicating together to help deliver emotion. The students are writing texts in a structured format; for example a recount includes the introduction (who, where, what, why and when) an orientation (events- using first, next, then and finally as sentence starters and the conclusion which includes- feelings, describing how they felt about the events. We have also been working on paragraphing in our writing.

The students have been working very hard so far this year and they are looking forward to another term full of fun and learning.