In Week 2 of Term 4 we celebrated Book Week with the theme Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. The children in Room 13 enjoyed coming to school in their favourite book costumes and there were some amazing, creative ideas to see.

To celebrate the occasion, we met with our Year 4/5 buddy class and enjoyed sharing stories together in the library. The year 1 students were able to show their older buddies their favourite books and their older buddies read stories to them. They also all participated in a Scavenger Hunt around the library to find various texts. There was great excitement as they scoured the library for books about Science, chapter books, books in different languages and a variety of other topics.

Book Week provides a valuable opportunity for the students to appreciate all the beautiful books we have around us and all the different genres we enjoy reading.


In Term 2, the Year 1 and 2 classes began to explore Information Reports, and in Week 6 they were ready to begin a Talk 4 Writing Unit exploring how to write an information reports about animals. Quite, coincidentally Perth Zoo decided, that with the Zoos recent lack of visitors, they needed to allow the animals some mental stimulation. Over the long weekend, they asked permission to bring a Panda on a tour of North Perth Primary School. We of course welcomed the Panda to our beautiful school.
The Panda had an extensive tour of the school, visiting a range of classrooms, going up to the office, and searching the Secret Playground for bamboo. The Zoo Keepers have informed us that while the Panda thoroughly enjoyed the outing, it was disappointed by our woeful lack of bamboo shoots on the school grounds.

Over the rest of the term, students in Year 1 and 2, are going to analyse the features of an information report, using one that was provided to us about the Panda Bear. We will then use this knowledge to innovate our own Information Reports about an animal of our choice.

I know I can’t wait to see what creative ideas the children come up with.


Room 14 – Year 1/2
Term 3 has been a very busy one in Room 14! Some of the highlights of our term have been:

Assembly – We presented The Great Fairy Tale Disaster for our class assembly. It was about a Big Bad Wolf who had had enough of blowing down pigs’ houses and wanted to find a more relaxing fairy tale to belong to. He tried out many different stories, leaving disaster everywhere he went, before ending up right back where he started! We practised hard and had a lot of fun acting it out for the audience.

Science Week – The theme of Science Week for this year was Destination Moon. When we visited the library, Mrs White introduced us to a book called The Darkest Dark. It was written by real life astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who worked on the International Space Station and is well-known for making videos about life as an astronaut. This inspired us to find some of the videos he’d made to find out more about how astronauts do things like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and even sleeping while in zero gravity.

Book Week – We love reading in Room 14, so Book Week was definitely a highlight. Some of the things we loved the most were dressing up, reading lots of stories, going to the book fair, meeting the Very Cranky Bear, and reading with our Year 5 buddies.

Sports Carnival – A couple of weeks ago, we had our sports carnival. Everyone agreed it was a fun day. We really enjoyed the running races and tabloids. The P&C cake stall was also a very popular event!

Growing Plants – In Science this term, we have been learning about living things. As part of this exploration, we have been growing and observing plants. It has been fun having our own little window garden!


We have been very busy with lots of learning and fun activities with Science Week and Book Week, preparing for Goonderup day, not to mention all our usual learning activities.
In Biological Science we have been finding out about living things and learning about plants and animals and their habitats. To help with our learning about plants, we grew some flowering plants and are observing how each part of it changes as it grows. We are also growing some interesting vegetables in the vegetable patch we share with the other Year 1 classes. We are growing beetroot, parsley and potatoes.

We read Jack in the beanstalk and are now working on texts to persuade Jack to Sell his Cow and then his Golden Goose. Just like Jack, we planted a magic bean but it is taking much longer to grow than Jack’s bean did. Let’s hope it grows soon. Let’s also hope we don’t meet up with a giant!

In maths this week we are learning about Volume and capacity. We have been doing many activities including lots of investigations using both rice and water. Even though everyone has done a great job cleaning up after our explorations, I think the cleaner will be pleased when we move on next week to learn about equal shares.


In Term 2, all of the Year 1 and 2 classes embarked on a journey to learn about supply and demand. The students were given the challenge to work in small groups and create a product that they were able to mass produce and that their peers would want to buy.

The students reflected on the recycled materials available to them and worked in their groups to design and develop a product that would appeal to a large audience. After seeking feedback from other groups in their class, they started production.

The range of products was immense from class to class, but the common thread was the excitement and enthusiasm all students had to sell their stock at the North Perth Primary School Market.

Finally the time had come, it was Week 9, and their products were ready for distribution. After all their work the students felt they deserved an opportunity to thoroughly explore the Market, so they did what any enterprising entrepreneur would do. They put out a Job Advertisement on Connect seeking parents and carers with keen customer service skills to man their Market Stalls.

Lucky for the students many job applications were received and the stalls were well manned by our amazing families in Year 1 and 2. When 2.15pm, rolled around and the markets opened the students were quick to survey the stock at each stall and select the two best products to purchase with their ‘money’.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped make our day a success. We all loved having you involved in our fabulous Technologies project. We look forward to the adventures we will have in Digi Tech this Semester.


Term 3 has been a busy and exciting time in Year 1 Room 7. We started new topics in Science and Geography as well as learnt about new writing structures in English. In Maths, the students have enjoyed many hands-on lessons measuring different objects, lengths and capacities.

The highlights of the term have been our Mini-Beast assembly and the Silly Scientist incursion. Inspired by our Science topic, the students practiced hard and pulled off a great show. The parents were of great support, designing and creating the costumes.

We were fortunate enough to grow our own vegetables during this term. The students enjoyed watching the carrots and beetroots change and grow. After 8 weeks we harvested our crop and made beetroot and chocolate muffins. They were delicious!



Room 10 have been busy bees in Term 3! We have been learning about mini-beasts, money, environments and more. We really enjoyed using The Gingerbread Man story in English and our favourite part was cooking and eating one all for ourselves! We have also been doing lots of activities to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in our class and we were excited to join in for the Year 1 STEM activities and the Junior STEM day.

We especially had fun designing a robot that would do something that we wanted or needed. We considered the materials our robots would be made out of and how it would be powered. We have written about our robots and published our first piece of word processing work. We even drew our robot design on the computer! Finally, we made a model of our robot with lots of thinking about measuring, joining and construction.

Year 1 Play

On the last day of Term 2 all the Year 1s got together for a play in the hall. We were getting to know all the kids in the other classes and practising our getting-along skills. We tried out coding on the Osmos and Code-A-Pillar. At the playdough we made pizzas, penguins and mazes for ping pong balls. Some people put on puppet shows in the puppet theatre and others built castles and zoos in the block corner. We did some drawing and built creations with Lego. We had a lot of fun and made some new friends. We cooperated really well and helped each other learn new things. (written by Year 1 students)



This term we have had lots of fun settling in to the ‘big school’. We have worked hard all term and enjoyed showing the results to our parents on Open Night. We especially enjoyed creating the art work with Mrs Hart during our art lessons.

We’ve enjoyed using our problem solving skills to complete STEM challenges this term. We have used various materials to build towers and boats following the parameters of the task. Our favourite challenges have been building boats out of straws and alfoil to hold different things. We had a lot of fun designing, testing and evaluating our designs and then re-designing them when they didn’t quite work so we could test them all over again! We all work hard and never give up, even when our ideas don’t work the way we planned the first time.

We’ve also enjoyed taking part in the Fundamental Movement Skills program run by Uni-Active. The Year 1s had a focus on jumping and throwing. We had a lot of fun participating in games and activities to build our skills in these areas.

Swimming lessons at Beatty Park has also been a highlight of this term. We’ve enjoyed travelling on the bus and working on our swimming skills.

Author Visits Room 22

On Friday 7 August the Pre-primary and Year 1 students in Room 22 were treated to a visit from author, Dianne Wolfer. Dianne is an award winning author who shared with the class her journey of making the picture book, “Granny Grommet and Me”. She is also Grandma to Pre-primary student, Mason.

Mason was kind enough to share his Grandma with the rest of the class for the morning. During her visit, Dianne read from her book “Annie’s Snails”. Afterward, she engaged the children in a small activity where they make words from labelled snail shells, just like in the book! Thank you for visiting, Dianne. We can’t wait for your next book.