What – TAIKOZ – The Art Of Japanese Drumming

When – Wednesday 21 March

Time – 1.00 – 3.00pm

Who – Pre-primary to Year 6 students

Taikoz is an Australian, Sydney-based performance group that specialises in the art of taiko – the Japanese drums. Taikoz’s schools concerts and workshops introduce the students not only to the instruments and music, but give historical and cultural background, including the place of taiko in a contemporary, Australian context. The program is drawn from Taikoz’s large repertoire, which includes traditional Japanese music and drumming styles, compositions written by contemporary Japanese composers, as well as original works by members of the ensemble.

All the details will be sent home with students in the coming weeks.

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On Wednesday 22 November 2017 the choir held a party we will never forget.

We all had a wonderful time filling up with delicious party food, while we watched a DVD of the Massed Choir performance at the Perth Concert Hall last term.  We enjoyed singing along to our favourite lyrics.

The choir would like to thank Mrs Mac for creating this opportunity for our choir and school.  Congratulations to Maya D and Saskia L for being selected to represent our school at the compere and soloist auditions.

And now it’s time to wrap up our party!

Written by: Isabelle, Neave and Hannah




On Monday 23 October, B’Tutta, a Percussion Quartet, performed for our students.

The students from PP – Year 6 had done preparatory work in their music classes before the incursion.

The band members introduced themselves as Graham on marimba, Mark on drums and marimba, Cameron on vibraphone and Andy, performing on both bass drum and marimba.

Graham and Cameron introduced us to many of the music elements used in the concert, such as ostinato, contrasting tempos and dynamics, conducting and creating imaginative music stories.

B’Tutta’s instruments included a concert marimba and vibraphone, bass drum and snare, conga and djembe and an array of percussion instruments, many also found in the music room.

The concert was highly interactive, with students performing with the band on percussion instruments or by the full audience playing body percussion. Even the teachers became involved, creating vocal ostinatos and movements at the front.

Cameron conducted us using a variety of gesture movements.

Eden from PP became a conductor of the band, gesturing them when to play, change go faster and stop.

Johnathon from room 14 and Isabella from Room 15 both took turns at conducting the band. The result was creative composing on both their parts and sounded excellent.

The B’tutta percussion performance was a combination of exciting percussion rhythms and driving melodies, lots of creative and interactive fun and often very loud.

It was a brilliant incursion, enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

Massed Choir

Wednesday 20 September, the North Perth Massed Choir, consisting of 31 students from Years 4 to 6 participated in the Massed Choir Festival. Featuring 4000 Perth primary school students from 78 public schools. The Massed Choir Festival is the largest choral festival in WA. Now in its 23rd year, the former Winthrop Hall event is now being held at Perth Concert Hall.

North Perth Massed Choir performed on the seventh night of the event. The repertoire included ten songs carefully chosen to both challenge and suit young voices.

The students also tried out for soloist and compere positions for their performance evening. Maya Djurdjevic was successful in being selected to act as Compere with another student from a participating school. Her performance on the night was both a credit to herself and the school.

The evening was a spectacular success, with all of the participating choir members performing faultlessly and absolutely shining. Congratulations to all of the members of the North Perth Massed Choir 2017  for an excellent evening’s choral event.

Mrs Macpherson

North Perth Primary School

Instrumental and Performance Opportunities for Students

The Arts Ambassadors have been busy organising instrumental and vocal performance opportunities for our students. Week 7, we held the first of a series of concerts in the music room. Concert 1 featured our Year 6 performers. All classes were invited to support and enjoy our talented performers.

It was very busy in the Music Room on Thursday. Lots of classes came to watch our talented artists. Everyone who participated did a great job, well done.

Written by Saskia, Anna, Jasmine and Caleb.

Kaboom Percussion Incursion

On Wednesday 25 February, Kaboom Percussion came to North Perth Primary School for an incursion. Kaboom Perucssion is a team of two people, Catherine and Joshua, who play music with any form of drum or body percussion. They also make music with some items you may find around your house. They have a special drum routine that you can find on youtube, which took seven hours to get correct!

I though they were very skilful and that they have inspired young children to play music.

Beckett G

Image courtesy Kaboom Percussion