In English we have been learning about poems. The poems that we have been trying to write are: Limericks, Acrostic and Haikus. We have been playing around with using alliteration and onomatopoeia. You can see our work in the classroom.

In Maths we have currently been learning about how area works. We got to trace around our hand to see how many square centimetres they were, practicing our estimation.

In Design we have been learning about how things stay in the air. We have been building parachutes and dropping them from chairs and seeing how long they would take to float to the ground.

In Science we have been learning how push and pull works. Gravity has a lot to do with push and pull. We will be investigating this in an experiment.

By Mason and Mila


English – Poetry
Over the past two weeks we have been learning about different types of poetry. So far we have learnt about haikus, limericks, cinquains and odes. Check out our display of poetry in the hall.
Leah & Lucia

Mathematics – Measurement
In Maths the Year 4s have been learning about area. Ms Covban gave us a task where we had to find all the different shapes you could make with 14 square metres. We used grid paper and one centimetre blocks. We learnt that to find an area you multiply the width by the length.
Maggie & Saskia

Science – Desert Survivors
In Science we have been learning about desert survivors and how animals and plants adapt to their environment. We have been researching different animals and how they have evolved to this day.
Mary & Sofia

Visual Art – Desert Survivors
In Visual Art with Mrs Hart we are painting Australian North West desert survivor animals. We are using a warm coloured background with some white and black blended into it. Some of the animals we have chosen are the spinifex hopping mouse, dingoes, emu, thorny devil and frilled neck lizard.
Ruby & Pablo

Physical Education – Rugby Skills
This term Ms Covban has been our sports teacher because Mr Naumovski has been away. We have been practicing rugby skills like passing, kicking and running. It has been physically awesome!
Jozi & Jordy

Open Classroom
On Tuesday the 28th of May our parents came to visit our open classroom. We learnt about reconciliation and completed a word search and designed a poster. When we finished, we read a chapter of our class novel (Two Weeks with the Queen) to our parents and class mates. It was super fun and we hope we can do it again!
Chemia & Olivia


At the end of Term One, Mr Duncan from Child’s Play Music came and visited the Kindy children. With him he brought all of the instruments that he has made from recyclable goods. By far, the highlight was playing as an orchestra. During this experience we learnt to listen to each other and to watch the conductor, so we knew when to start and stop playing, when to be loud or quiet (forte and piano), when to get louder or softer (crescendo and diminuendo) or when to go fast or slow (allegro and adagio). Here is what some of the children had to say:

Tyra – I liked the drums.
Lizzie – I really liked the beautiful sounds we made.
Jack – I loved playing the thong-o-phone!
Grace M – I liked blowing in the balloon bassoon.


It has been a super busy start to Term 1 for 2019. Over the course of three weeks in Room 15 we’ve learnt a lot about each other; what‘s required ahead for our big year of learning in Year 2 and how to have lots of fun whilst working hard at school.

During the first three weeks back we have covered and focused on many priorities in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology. The following activities are just a few things we have started on this term.

So far in English we have covered Recount and Narrative writing; explored how we set ideas out in sequence using time words and learnt about writing interesting first introduction paragraphs. We’ve also looked at spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In Mathematics we’ve explored addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. We’ve covered place value and how to represent and order numbers up to 3 digits. We’ve looked at number patterns, partitioning and how to add and subtract two digit numbers efficiently by adding with doubles and getting to 10 to solve equations.

In Chemical Science we’ve focused on the topic of materials and their properties and discovered why some materials are better suited to some jobs than others.

In Social Sciences we have researched the history of North Perth Primary School and compared the differences of the past and present artefacts and the architecture.

In Design and Technology we are exploring different kinds of tools that a variety of people use for their jobs every day. We’ve discussed what tools and materials we could use for our own projects.

The students of Room 15 have had a productive first 3 weeks of the school year. We look forward to what the rest of the year will bring.
Ms Dunn


Our Flawless 4/5 class has had a very busy start to Term 4 and we are working hard. Over the last week we have managed to fit in some fun as well. We hope you enjoy reading about what we get up to in Room 12!

For debating we used a program called GoZone debating. They provided us with a script, but we had to make our own points. First, Miss Armstrong told us the structure of debating. She explained how we have to define the topic and how to rebut. We had to think up of 6 main points and two pieces of evidence to support these points. When we finished our draft we had to type it out on our laptop. After that Ms Covban supplied us with palm cards and a ring to write our script on. I usually practised with my group, but sometimes I presented my debate to my friends to get a new perspective. I asked them to time me so that my debate is less than 3 minutes. I find debating fun and I am definitely going to miss it when we have finished.

This term in Room 12 we have been studying the novel, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Hatchet is about a boy called Brain who knows a secret about his parents, but they are unaware that he knows about it. Brian is on his way to see his father when on the flight, the pilot has a heart attack. He tries to fly the plane, but ends up crashing it! Suddenly, he finds himself right in the middle of the Canadian wilderness with nothing apart from his clothing, a tattered windbreaker and a Hatchet his mother gave him. Luckily, he survived the crash however, he is left very injured, alone and desperate to find shelter and food for survival! The dreadful secret about his parents divorcing is tearing him apart every day, but Brian has no time to stress or be angry. All he has to do is hope that he will survive!

Digital Technology:
In digital tech this term we’ve been learning how to code for a grocery store checkout. We go on Scratch and try completing the progress of coding. We pick ten items and make it a list and/or a variable. It is really fun and easy when Miss Armstrong is teaching us.

Melbourne Cup:
On the day before the Melbourne Cup (Monday) in the afternoon, we were all allowed to make fascinators for the next day. It was not just out of plain paper and textas, we had pipe cleaners, cupcake patty pans, tissue paper, glitter and more! There were a lot of creative designs too like Eloise’s very fancy top hat, Luca’s pipe cleaner bow tie and of course Cloe’s rabbit fascinator! On the actual Melbourne Cup day we were all given a horse and watched the race with Room 13.


Welcome to Term 4! We cannot believe that we are only seven weeks away from the end of the school year! Take a look at some of the exciting learning experiences that have been happening in Room 20.

Tower Inquiry

During activity time in the classroom, staff had noticed the children building towers and tall structures. To support their interest, we planned a variety of learning experiences to allow the children to explore and create towers with different materials. One activity the children engaged in was designing a tower of their own, using the available 3D objects. They attached a description to their tower before identifying the 3D objects they used.
Other opportunities were made available for the children to explore towers in both the indoor and outdoor environments. These experiences allowed the children to extend their knowledge of 3D objects, as well as their ability to collaborate with peers to achieve a common goal. The children also developed their problem solving abilities, perseverance and reflective thinking, as they encountered challenges through the learning process.

Fairies visit Room 20

The day started out like any other, but then the children began to notice a few differences in the classroom. There were small patches of glitter on the floor? Where did it come from? We discussed the types of things that come to mind when we think of glitter… fairies and magic! The teachers then shared a procedure with the children titled “How to Find a Fairy”. Once the children had listened to the procedure, we set out to find fairies in the classroom, and we did!
This experience introduced the children to procedural writing. Once we knew all the parts that make up a procedure, we had a go at writing our own to describe how to catch a mythical creature. If you ever need to know how to catch a giant, a unicorn, a mummy, a vampire, a pirate, a mermaid, a witch, a troll, a zombie, or a dragon, Room 20 can definitely help you out!

Take a look at some of the other fun activities we’ve been getting up to in the classroom through the photos below. It’s been a wonderful year and we look forward to the final weeks ahead.

Miss Smith, Mrs White, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Smith


At the end of last term, Room 19 had lots of fun on our Maths Problem Solving Day. All year we have been practising our problem solving skills by learning about the different problem solving strategies we can use to answer questions. On the last day of term, our mathematicians in Room 19 were able to put their skills to the test. They rotated around to different classes and completed 4 different problem solving activities throughout the day. They used their knowledge of the KSAR (Know, Select, Apply, Review) approach to tackle these problems. The students absolutely enjoyed the hands on activity day and especially loved dressing up.



Budding Builders in Room 21

This term in our talk for writing program we have been exploring the text ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff.’ For our design and technology learning area we built our own bridges for the three billy goats. We first looked at bridges around the world and this elicited some very interesting conversations about famous bridges some of our class members have visited and facts they knew about bridges around the world. We then explored the features of bridges and investigated the structure of bridges and how to make them strong enough so they don’t collapse. The students then were told what materials were available to them to use such as cardboard boxes, straws, masking tape and plastic cups amongst other materials. The children then drew their bridge design labelling the materials they would use in their product. They used this design to build their bridges and if necessary made changes, so their bridge could stand by itself and the billy goats could walk across it. We opened our doors up to Room 20 and it was such a fun and exciting lesson with everyone constructing their amazing amazing creations. After their bridges were built, the children reflected on their design and end product and identified what stayed the same and what changed. We then showcased the wonderful bridges by inviting parents and carers into the classroom for a ‘gallery walk’ for two mornings where the bridges were on display and parents and carers could come in and walk around the classroom viewing everyone’s bridges and design plans. Well done to Room 21 you really are all amazing and talented bridge builders!

Ms Miffling and Mrs Scott


Did you know that Wednesday the 25th of July was our 100th day of school this year?  The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students in Room 16 certainly did.

During Maths this year, they have been counting their days to develop their ability to represent numbers using numerals, pop sticks and tallies.  On Wednesday and Thursday to celebrate their 100th day of school, they engaged in a range of fun activities thinking about the number 100 and reflected on all they have learnt so far.  The students explored counting to and from 100, using songs in the classroom, and by attempting to make necklaces with 100 beads. To explore how long 100 seconds is, they tested how many times they could clap, star jump or write their name in that amount of time.

Earlier this year in History the students looked at how they have grown since they were babies. Building on this knowledge the students thought about how people might change when they are 100 years old.  To help the students learn what the number 100 looks like we iced biscuits, and decorated these with smarties. We were allowed to put as many smarties as, we are old, on each biscuit. Kindergarten students used this to practise counting collections to 15, while Pre-Primary students consolidated their knowledge of addition sums and equal groups.

In the week leading up to the 100th day of school, students were asked to make something using the number 100 at home with their parents, which they could bring to class and share with their peers. There was such a range of wonderful creations brought in by students, and we loved seeing how they were able to work with their families to explore what we have been learning at school. Take a look at some of the fun we got up to in our photos.

Reflecting on the growth we have shown so far this year, it has been a great experience and we all look forward to further developing our skills this Semester.


After a refreshing break over the Term 2 holidays the students are well rested and ready for another term full of fun and hard work. This first week back in Term 3 gave us a kick start to getting ready for our assembly item in Week 4. We are well underway practising for our item.

This Term in English we will be covering curriculum such as Narrative and Persuasive writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, vocabulary instruction and a focus on Reading comprehension.

In Mathematics we will continue to explore addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as patterns, fractions, money and time; we’ll also compare objects between length, area, volume and mass. We’ll look at location and transformation and data representation.

In Geography we’ll be looking at maps, continents and other features of the world. In Science we’ll dive into Earth and Space learning about Earth’s natural resources. In Technology we’ll experiment with Coding on the computer and design and make objects from materials like cardboard and playdough. In Health we’ll focus on identifying what a healthy lifestyle looks like covering food choices, fitness, community and safety.

Our classroom garden bed is being taken care of very well by our garden monitors. Soon we will be harvesting the carrots and basil ready for our next lot of seedlings to be planted.

The students of Room 2 have had a positive first week after the school holidays and we look forward to a productive Term 3.

Ms Dunn