Room 2 has had a tremendous start to the school year – we are off and running!

The students are all enthusiastic and focused on their learning and they are an absolute pleasure to teach.

This term we have begun building a classroom culture for success. We are developing growth mindsets. We are also learning how to build and maintain caring relationships with others – all this encouraged and supported by the wonderful parents of Room 2.

This is what we have been getting up to so far this term:


The students have been learning how to create paragraphs using topic sentences and main ideas. They are also adding ‘extra information’ to their paragraphs by asking themselves who, what, when, how and where questions. Here is an extract from Lucy:

The Most Amazing Fair
“At the fair there is always lots of food for people to eat. Lots of people eat cotton candy. It is amazingly pink. It looks and tastes like clouds. People also buy popcorn. It is a weird shape and it’s crunchy and hard but it still tastes delicious. Cool drinks are great! They are fizzy and liquidy. It fizzes slowly down into your tummy.”


We have been building on our place value and partitioning knowledge. It has been fun using the MAB blocks to determine the difference between two numbers.


Civics and Citizenship is the topic being studied this term. This aligns very nicely with our school values of inclusivity, respect, resilience and responsibility.


We have embarked on our Science topic for this term. The students will get a deeper understanding of Biological Science, minibeasts and their habitats.


We are looking at how success, challenge and failure strengthen personal identities. We are examining our self-talk, persistence and how we meet new challenges.


The students are learning how to open a new word document, and most importantly, save it successfully to their personal file.


Class in Action

Pen Pal Letters

This term in English, students have been learning about letter writing. In order for students to ‘buy into’ any concept they must understand how it relates to the real world. To this end, an authentic writing experience was created by affording students the opportunity to connect with a Pen Pal student from Sydney, Australia. This task provided students a chance to practically apply their learnt knowledge and for them to practice their writing and reading skills.

Digital Technologies (Coding)

In Digital Technologies students have been acquiring knowledge and understanding of digital systems, data and the processes associated with creating digital solutions. Within this unit of work, students were presented with the task of programming a robot named Dash to accurately complete a marked-out course. A task such as this contributes towards the creation of a fun hands on learning environment, whilst offering an opportunity to further enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Team Building in Room 22

The skills learned from team building are important parts of personal and group development in children. During team building activities, students have the chance to communicate with each other and work towards a common goal. By practicing being an effective team member and team leader, children develop confidence in their own abilities. Learning how to work with others and communication are important by-products of team building.

Game Based Learning

In Room 22 the teaching and learning cycle of Mathematics incorporates a game-based approach. Students consolidate their learnt mathematical concepts by creating and playing math games. Opportunities such as these assist students in exploring fundamental number concepts, such as the counting sequence, one-to-one correspondence, and computation strategies. Mathematical games encourage students to explore number combinations, place value, patterns, and other important mathematical concepts. Further, they afford opportunities for students to deepen their mathematical understanding and reasoning.


In Room 18 during Term 4, we have been very busy learning letter sounds, looking at numbers up to 20 and exploring our Talk for Writing Text.

Early in the term, we were amazed to receive a letter and package that contained an oar from ‘Mr. Peffer’. Looking for clues in the letter, everyone eagerly set out on a hunt around our school, and were surprised and excited to find Mr. Peffer’s boat in our playground! This exciting event led us to the book Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen. We learnt the book, retold the events and created our own stories focusing on beginning, middle and end.

Within this theme, we have had lots of fun making boats, learning about items that sink and float, and exploring the world under the sea. Mr. Peffer’s boat has also provided lots of opportunities for dramatic play in the classroom.


Students have had an exciting start to Term 4. Just after the school holidays students enjoyed dancing and catching up at the school Disco night. A very big thanks goes to our P&C who did all the organising. The DJ rocked and the photo-booth captured some great memories to keep for the years to come.

Not long after, Year 6 students from Rooms 9 & 10 joined together and left for our 3-day school Camp at Ern Halliday. As always, it was very well run. Students took on the ‘challenge by choice’ activities with bravery, teamwork and quite a few laughs. Activities included pump track mountain biking, archery, caving, flying fox, crate climb and lost pilot. After adding to that a games night, a movie night, some free time basketball and volleyball it was a very busy three days.

This week students have begun acting lessons with Helen O’Grady instructors to get prepared for our end of year celebration act. The class has started strong and the act is already looking great after one lesson.

In class we continue with our programs and start preparing for our end of year Graduation. Room 9 will be busy, busy, busy until the last day of school!


Design and Technology
The class, inspired by the artist Kimmi Cantrell, created their own masks. Designs were sketched, the project
criteria re-examined and changes made. The end result was a set of beautifully constructed, colourful masks.

The students have been learning about ‘slow motion writing.’ Slow the scene down and describe the situation in terms of the five senses. Here is an extract from Xavier’s recount of the sports day. ‘My blood was pumping. I heard my mum cheering, “Go Xavier!” When we finished we had won. I saw the devastation in the other teams’ eyes. I smelt their disappointment when our team was handed the first place ribbon.”

Maths is always fun when shopping and food are involved! Georgie and Julienne are examining food labels to determine total grams and millilitres.

History and Geography
For thousands of years Aboriginal people have cleverly navigated their way from place to place in Australia. ‘How do they do it?’ was the question posed to the class. Students removed all forms of present day mapping and technology to create paths from home to school using the location of natural landforms and the topography of the land. Pictured are: Daniel, Xavier, Juliette and Emily.

The topic of protective behaviours has been an important part of health lessons recently. The students are becoming familiar with the six ‘Protect Yourself Rules’ and how and when to apply them in their lives. Pictured holding our booklets are: Mason, Ashton, Jasmine and Mirah.

NAIDOC Week and Book Week
The students participated in a cooperative art project as part of NAIDOC Week. Pictured are: Thomas, Alanah, Oscar, Mitchell and Emmeline. They also joined in the fun during book week going to impressive lengths to create highly imaginative costumes. Pictured are Georgie, Amir and Emily.

Room 2 students enjoyed the annual fun run. They said it was….wel….fun! And dodging Mr Baker’s super-soaker made it that much more thrilling! Pictured are: Bronte and Alannah


Room 14 – Year 1/2
Term 3 has been a very busy one in Room 14! Some of the highlights of our term have been:

Assembly – We presented The Great Fairy Tale Disaster for our class assembly. It was about a Big Bad Wolf who had had enough of blowing down pigs’ houses and wanted to find a more relaxing fairy tale to belong to. He tried out many different stories, leaving disaster everywhere he went, before ending up right back where he started! We practised hard and had a lot of fun acting it out for the audience.

Science Week – The theme of Science Week for this year was Destination Moon. When we visited the library, Mrs White introduced us to a book called The Darkest Dark. It was written by real life astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who worked on the International Space Station and is well-known for making videos about life as an astronaut. This inspired us to find some of the videos he’d made to find out more about how astronauts do things like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and even sleeping while in zero gravity.

Book Week – We love reading in Room 14, so Book Week was definitely a highlight. Some of the things we loved the most were dressing up, reading lots of stories, going to the book fair, meeting the Very Cranky Bear, and reading with our Year 5 buddies.

Sports Carnival – A couple of weeks ago, we had our sports carnival. Everyone agreed it was a fun day. We really enjoyed the running races and tabloids. The P&C cake stall was also a very popular event!

Growing Plants – In Science this term, we have been learning about living things. As part of this exploration, we have been growing and observing plants. It has been fun having our own little window garden!


We have been very busy with lots of learning and fun activities with Science Week and Book Week, preparing for Goonderup day, not to mention all our usual learning activities.
In Biological Science we have been finding out about living things and learning about plants and animals and their habitats. To help with our learning about plants, we grew some flowering plants and are observing how each part of it changes as it grows. We are also growing some interesting vegetables in the vegetable patch we share with the other Year 1 classes. We are growing beetroot, parsley and potatoes.

We read Jack in the beanstalk and are now working on texts to persuade Jack to Sell his Cow and then his Golden Goose. Just like Jack, we planted a magic bean but it is taking much longer to grow than Jack’s bean did. Let’s hope it grows soon. Let’s also hope we don’t meet up with a giant!

In maths this week we are learning about Volume and capacity. We have been doing many activities including lots of investigations using both rice and water. Even though everyone has done a great job cleaning up after our explorations, I think the cleaner will be pleased when we move on next week to learn about equal shares.


Lately, Room 5 have been creating NAIDOC week posters. During Maths, we have learnt about Symmetry and Decimal Fractions. We have created symmetrical patterns with our names, that included rotational symmetry. In English, we are writing informational texts on spiders. We chose spiders because we are reading Charlotte’s Web as a whole class, and this was our inspiration.


In Term 2, all of the Year 1 and 2 classes embarked on a journey to learn about supply and demand. The students were given the challenge to work in small groups and create a product that they were able to mass produce and that their peers would want to buy.

The students reflected on the recycled materials available to them and worked in their groups to design and develop a product that would appeal to a large audience. After seeking feedback from other groups in their class, they started production.

The range of products was immense from class to class, but the common thread was the excitement and enthusiasm all students had to sell their stock at the North Perth Primary School Market.

Finally the time had come, it was Week 9, and their products were ready for distribution. After all their work the students felt they deserved an opportunity to thoroughly explore the Market, so they did what any enterprising entrepreneur would do. They put out a Job Advertisement on Connect seeking parents and carers with keen customer service skills to man their Market Stalls.

Lucky for the students many job applications were received and the stalls were well manned by our amazing families in Year 1 and 2. When 2.15pm, rolled around and the markets opened the students were quick to survey the stock at each stall and select the two best products to purchase with their ‘money’.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped make our day a success. We all loved having you involved in our fabulous Technologies project. We look forward to the adventures we will have in Digi Tech this Semester.


In the first few weeks of Term 2 we had fun exploring the new areas in our classroom and creating a special gift for Mother’s Day. We were also busy exploring our Talk for Writing text and learning about compliments.

The Three Little Pigs
We went out to the playground like any other day and noticed a small construction site had appeared. Someone had been busy building with straw, sticks and bricks… but who? The children began eagerly looking for clues to solve the mystery before coming to the conclusion that it was The Three Little Pigs! Later that day, we revisited the construction site and began learning the story of The Three Little Pigs. We retold the story daily and created a class story map and big book to help us identify all the different parts that make up a story. Now we’re going to have a go at innovating the text by changing parts of the story to make our own. We look forward to seeing what the children create!

Words and our Heart
In Semester 1, we discussed how words can affect our heart. We read the story “Words and our Heart” by Kate Jane Neal, and reflected upon how powerful words are. Twiggle the Turtle from our social and emotional program supported our discussions by teaching us all about compliments. We talked about what a compliment is and how it feels to receive a compliment – really good! We then began to develop our ability to give and receive compliments by creating a class compliment wall, which the children added to by writing a compliment to a friend. Parents and family were also provided with the opportunity to get involved and were invited to add to our compliment wall daily. The children have continued to develop their skills in giving and receiving compliments, by offering compliments to our daily PATHs Kid of the Day. It’s been wonderful to see our classroom filled with kindness, positivity and encouragement 

Take a look at some of the other enjoyable learning experiences we got up to in the photos below.