In Room 14 this Term we have been investigating technology and using new programs such as IXL Math and English to widen our knowledge in multiple areas of Math. We have also been having lots of fun learning how to code with a program called We can choose various games to code and create our own video games.

The new laptops are an incredible resource to have in our classroom, helping with history research and projects.

It was an amazing experience to have the actual 65 year old Rugby League World Cup right next to us in room 4. It was a beautiful 18 kilogram trophy that had had seen its fair share of tournaments. This is it’s last year to be awarded before it is retired to a museum and a new trophy is made.

This term has been full of amazing experiences. We have had a brilliant time. We look forward to more exciting times next term.

Olivia and Tom, Room 14 Year 5/6