We have had a very productive year so far in Year 2 Room 2. Recently in our in our History lessons we have been learning about the Aboriginal culture of Australia. We’ve explored the famous rock, ‘Uluru’, significant Aboriginal sites and Dreaming stories and how they are passed on from elders to family generations through dance, art and oral presentations. We have been working on our assembly item that will be based around this topic.

In our Science lessons recently we have explored Earth’s natural resources which includes water, sand and soil and and how to use these precious commodities resourcefully in our community and homes. Our classroom garden bed is being taken care of very well with our garden monitors.

In Mathematics we’ve been applying problem solving strategies in all areas of maths. Students identify what ‘strategies’ they will use to help them find the answer to a question. Some strategies may include- think carefully, work backwards, look for a pattern, make a table or chart, or make a drawing.

In English we’ve been working on Recount, Narrative and Instructional writing. In story writing (Narrative) we are learning about how to include, ‘character interaction’, this is in regards to characters communicating together to help deliver emotion. The students are writing texts in a structured format; for example a recount includes the introduction (who, where, what, why and when) an orientation (events- using first, next, then and finally as sentence starters and the conclusion which includes- feelings, describing how they felt about the events. We have also been working on paragraphing in our writing.

The students have been working very hard so far this year and they are looking forward to another term full of fun and learning.