This term we have had lots of fun settling in to the ‘big school’. We have worked hard all term and enjoyed showing the results to our parents on Open Night. We especially enjoyed creating the art work with Mrs Hart during our art lessons.

We’ve enjoyed using our problem solving skills to complete STEM challenges this term. We have used various materials to build towers and boats following the parameters of the task. Our favourite challenges have been building boats out of straws and alfoil to hold different things. We had a lot of fun designing, testing and evaluating our designs and then re-designing them when they didn’t quite work so we could test them all over again! We all work hard and never give up, even when our ideas don’t work the way we planned the first time.

We’ve also enjoyed taking part in the Fundamental Movement Skills program run by Uni-Active. The Year 1s had a focus on jumping and throwing. We had a lot of fun participating in games and activities to build our skills in these areas.

Swimming lessons at Beatty Park has also been a highlight of this term. We’ve enjoyed travelling on the bus and working on our swimming skills.