The 2016 Student Councillor’s were the invited guests of Member for Perth, Eleni Evangel MLA, for a tour of Parliament House on Tuesday 16 August. The tour was followed by a magnificent three course luncheon in a private dining room. What did our Councillors think about their experience? Jackson PKThe tour was amazing, I learnt so much about the first parliament.Alison MI will never forget how delicious the dessert was. Matia PThe food and the tour were amazing.Jack HI liked eating in the fantastic private room.’ Luke VI really enjoyed the amazing food.Sophia PThe history that I learnt was so fascinating.’ Gareth CI loved listening to the politicians quarrel over and over again and the food was magnificent.Hugo M I enjoyed the three course lunch and watching the questioning.Jade B My favourite part of the trip was lunch. I really enjoyed the trip.’ Miss Downsborough The tour is definitely worth doing as there is so much of our history recorded there as well as so much exquisite art. The fine dining experience was really special.