At North Perth Primary School we have introduced Professional Learning Communities (PLC) teams to our staff structure. These are groups of teachers in similar year levels who meet together regularly. The main purpose of the PLC is to decide how we can best use evidence-based research to improve our practice to further increase student achievement at North Perth Primary School. Each PLC has a teacher leader from within the group.

The leaders meet each week to analyse and discuss data collected from across the school. They then select research-based instructional strategies and assessment techniques. These are used to improve classroom instruction and enhance student performance. Leaders are responsible for facilitating professional discussions in their own PLC and promoting collaboration across year groups.

Curriculum Teams for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) have continued in the same format. These teams are separate to the PLC and include teachers from all phases of learning. The purpose of the Curriculum Teams is to develop and implement a whole school approach to the curriculum. All teachers are a member of a PLC and a Curriculum Team.