Each year the City of Vincent’s conducts the Spirit of Christmas Street Banner competition to select creative and eye catching designs to be displayed on the poles along Scarborough Beach Road and Fitzgerald Street during the Christmas period.

This term our Year 1 – 6 students have been busy during their Art lessons creating their Spirit of Christmas artwork.

Mrs Hart had the very difficult task of selecting and submitting just ten pieces from North Perth Primary School in the competition.

Congratulations and good luck to the following students on having their artwork chosen for this local competition.

  • Lachlan K – Year 2
  • Bowie M – Year 3
  • Caitlyn G – Year 3
  • Rose M – Year 4
  • Lyla H Year – 4
  • Giuseppe Z – Year 5
  • Isabelle W – Year 5
  • Amos R – Year 6
  • Rory W – Year 6
  • Mischa K – Year 6




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