Harvest 6006 has become one of North Perth Primary School’s biggest fundraisers. It is a beautiful way to bring our school and surrounding community together. Each year this amazing fundraiser gets bigger, better and more fun for those involved but most importantly the money raised helps further our school and students in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
We would like to take this opportunity to again say thank you to everyone that was part of the event this year in some way. This year we collected 1.2 tons of olives across our community, far exceeding our expectations. It truly has been a tremendous effort from all involved.
This year we are starting the Olive Tree Growing Program. This involves introducing all our new enrolments each year to Harvest 6006 by giving them the opportunity to purchase an olive tree for their garden and home. The idea behind the program is to watch this tree grow over the years along with their children and add to the amazing amount of olive trees in the area. Each year the people involved and oil yield will grow along with the benefits to our school and the community.
As this is a new program, we are extending the opportunity to purchase the beautiful Manzanillo Olive Tree to the entire North Perth Primary community. The trees will come in a 12Lt pot size and stand around 1.2 meters tall. An olive rake is also included so that olives can be harvested with ease as well as a bit of fun to help keep the kids involved.
There is no limit on how many trees each person can purchase so ask family and friends if they too would like a tree for their homes.
Trees must be collected at school on: 05/02/2018 (Monday between 2:00-4:00pm, second week of Term 1 2018).
If you would like to purchase a tree Click Here for the order form.

Click Here for the flyer with links the Facebook and Instagram pages.