It has been a super busy start to Term 1 for 2019. Over the course of three weeks in Room 15 we’ve learnt a lot about each other; what‘s required ahead for our big year of learning in Year 2 and how to have lots of fun whilst working hard at school.

During the first three weeks back we have covered and focused on many priorities in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology. The following activities are just a few things we have started on this term.

So far in English we have covered Recount and Narrative writing; explored how we set ideas out in sequence using time words and learnt about writing interesting first introduction paragraphs. We’ve also looked at spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In Mathematics we’ve explored addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. We’ve covered place value and how to represent and order numbers up to 3 digits. We’ve looked at number patterns, partitioning and how to add and subtract two digit numbers efficiently by adding with doubles and getting to 10 to solve equations.

In Chemical Science we’ve focused on the topic of materials and their properties and discovered why some materials are better suited to some jobs than others.

In Social Sciences we have researched the history of North Perth Primary School and compared the differences of the past and present artefacts and the architecture.

In Design and Technology we are exploring different kinds of tools that a variety of people use for their jobs every day. We’ve discussed what tools and materials we could use for our own projects.

The students of Room 15 have had a productive first 3 weeks of the school year. We look forward to what the rest of the year will bring.
Ms Dunn