This term, Room 10 have been working on a group Maths project. All of the groups had a 5-hectare piece of land for a zoo design. They had to fit stores, kiosks, animal enclosures and other buildings in the area. Some students found it easy while the others found it quite challenging. We also had to design a poster so it would be appealing to the eye with colours, pictures and drawings. We had to work in groups of up to four and all of us were committed and worked really well together. All the students seemed to enjoy the activity and all the posters turned out amazing! We are looking forward to presenting our Zoo designs next week.

Later on in that term, Room 10 participated in an incursion from Renata and Charmaine. We were told all about how the Indigenous Australians were treated throughout history. They did a blanket activity which taught us how many aboriginals died and what happened over time. All of Room 10 listened carefully and learned at least one thing about Aboriginal Culture and their history. Another exciting event was the Crepe Reward Day in French. As you can see they were a big hit! Thank you to Mrs Marinucci. Room 10 have been great this term!