Cracking Coding – The black shape moved closer to the corner. What was this mysterious figure? Why it was Dash!! The robot with three wheels and a head, under the command of the coding blocks on the iPad. In tech we have been doing coding on Dash is a step up from as it allows us to apply code in real time and watch it in action as Dash runs our code sequence. We have  started using Dash this term and challenges have included getting our robot to go round cups and to push cups into a square, using coding blocks on the IPad to control Dash. It has been really helpful for preparing us if we want to be coders in the future.

Sparking Science – In Room 14 the Year Sixes have been learning about simple and parallel circuits for our Science Unit. Now we are able to conquer many ways of making circuits with copper tape, aluminium foil wires and even our own bodies. The Year Fives have been studying concepts about Light. For a fun task we made shadow puppets and tried them out in a shadow theatre. We had to make the puppet on black paper and make a skit. They were all funny and fun to make.

By Adam, Charlie, Cooper and Alex

Eagles Cup – In Term 1 the senior classes started training for Eagles Cup (which is an interschool sport competition including Soccer, Football and Netball). The schools that are participating include Dianella Heights Primary, Kyilla Primary, Sutherland Dianella and Westminster Primary. The first round matches against Sutherland Dianella were cancelled due to bad weather conditions. This week we will be hosting and playing against Dianella Heights Primary School. Soccer will be played at Woodville Reserve, Football will be played at Charles Veryard Reserve and our two Netball teams will play on our school oval.

If you are free come see us play! Go N.P.P.S.!

By Tully, Kalan ,Rosie and Zoe

Don’t Keep History a Mystery – As we studied the history of Reconciliation Week this past fortnight we reflected on this year’s theme- Don’t keep history a Mystery. Our main learning focus was to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, to share that knowledge and help us grow as a nation. This has also been a overall focus of our studies in our Term 1 and 2 HASS History units of work- Colonization of Australia and Federation, Levels of Government in Australia and the role of Government.

Reconciliation Week goes from May 27th to June 3rd. It is important to reflect and learn about past government policies and laws related to the limited rights and recognition of traditional ways of life of Australian Aboriginal peoples.

It’s good for kids to learn about the history of Australia and initiatives like “Closing the Gap”. I think it’s good for kids to learn about this stuff because it will only build a stronger more together nation.

By Harper, Aaki, Catherine and Giuseppe

MAD MATH – During the past fortnight in Mathematics, the Year 5’s have been learning about financial planning and budgets and the Year 6s have been focusing on financial plans and working out percentages related to money such as discounts and sale price increases and decreases. Some of the other concepts we have been learning about are the correct order of operations to be used when solving mixed operations and variables equations- BODMAS. BODMAS helps with remembering the order of operations; brackets, others (indices and integers), division, multiplication, addition, subtraction. We have also been reviewing our weekly learning playing a fun game called jeopardy; it is an online game that you play on the smartboard. Jeopardy is challenging and fun and can also be very frustrating.

By Benji, Grace, Georgia & Pero

Room 11 Makerspace Project-Transforming soon – In Room 14 we have been working on transforming Room 11 into a stunning Makerspace. The Makerspace is somewhere where you can come in find materials and make something creative or complete STEM/engineering projects. We are hoping to have sewing and cooking project areas along with areas to use tools and plan.

Tasks in our Makerspace project have included making ads to promote the makerspace using Microsoft Publisher and taking detailed and specific measurements for all of the interior building structures including the walls and windows which we then converted using scale/ratio

Also all of the class had to design a logo for the Makerspace. We had to choose our own catchy name and artistic design, when completed our teacher will choose the best logo to go on Room 11’s door.

The class went to look in the store room on the oval to see if there is any good furniture that would go into the Room 11 makerspace.

Our class hopes to see the makerspace in action soon!

By Tyson, Sofia, Haadi, Lucas