Room 6 have been extremely busy making 3D Beast Shapes using 3D nets to design and build their Beasts. They have been exploring and connecting three-dimensional objects with their nets and other two-dimensional representations. Students have also been comparing and describing two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes.

Whilst we’ve been busy with Mathematics, we’ve have also been busy studying Biological Science, studying our Living Eggs, that are now rather lively and cute! Thanks to Living Eggs, WA, room 6, along with room 5 have been looking at the life cycle of chickens and how they develop. On October, 22nd, 2020, we hatched 3 rather cute chicks and have been observing them grow and learning just how dependent they are on us. Students in room 6 have completed their Information reports on Living Eggs and will be completing a Procedure document on how to look after poultry from fertilised eggs through to adult chickens. We are having so much fun looking after our 3 little characters, affectionately called, Fluff Butt, Nugget and Schnitzel. They have become a large part of the Room 6 North Perth Primary School Family.

Still on the egg theme, we have been enjoying our STEM project, The Great Egg Drop. The students in room 6 had to design and build a vessel that would hold an egg securely and protect it from breaking. Once their vessels had been built, the students then tested their design by dropping them from 1 metre, then 2 metres and finally from the veranda on the oval, approximately 3.5 metres. Nearly all the vessels worked from 3.5 metres and all vessels protected their eggs from the lower heights. This activity also gave the students the opportunity to work collaboratively with partners or in small groups.

This has been a very busy term in room 6 and the students have worked extremely hard, so now we busy getting ready for NPPS Night of Celebration!