Our Flawless 4/5 class has had a very busy start to Term 4 and we are working hard. Over the last week we have managed to fit in some fun as well. We hope you enjoy reading about what we get up to in Room 12!

For debating we used a program called GoZone debating. They provided us with a script, but we had to make our own points. First, Miss Armstrong told us the structure of debating. She explained how we have to define the topic and how to rebut. We had to think up of 6 main points and two pieces of evidence to support these points. When we finished our draft we had to type it out on our laptop. After that Ms Covban supplied us with palm cards and a ring to write our script on. I usually practised with my group, but sometimes I presented my debate to my friends to get a new perspective. I asked them to time me so that my debate is less than 3 minutes. I find debating fun and I am definitely going to miss it when we have finished.

This term in Room 12 we have been studying the novel, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Hatchet is about a boy called Brain who knows a secret about his parents, but they are unaware that he knows about it. Brian is on his way to see his father when on the flight, the pilot has a heart attack. He tries to fly the plane, but ends up crashing it! Suddenly, he finds himself right in the middle of the Canadian wilderness with nothing apart from his clothing, a tattered windbreaker and a Hatchet his mother gave him. Luckily, he survived the crash however, he is left very injured, alone and desperate to find shelter and food for survival! The dreadful secret about his parents divorcing is tearing him apart every day, but Brian has no time to stress or be angry. All he has to do is hope that he will survive!

Digital Technology:
In digital tech this term we’ve been learning how to code for a grocery store checkout. We go on Scratch and try completing the progress of coding. We pick ten items and make it a list and/or a variable. It is really fun and easy when Miss Armstrong is teaching us.

Melbourne Cup:
On the day before the Melbourne Cup (Monday) in the afternoon, we were all allowed to make fascinators for the next day. It was not just out of plain paper and textas, we had pipe cleaners, cupcake patty pans, tissue paper, glitter and more! There were a lot of creative designs too like Eloise’s very fancy top hat, Luca’s pipe cleaner bow tie and of course Cloe’s rabbit fascinator! On the actual Melbourne Cup day we were all given a horse and watched the race with Room 13.