Room 14 – Year 1/2
Term 3 has been a very busy one in Room 14! Some of the highlights of our term have been:

Assembly – We presented The Great Fairy Tale Disaster for our class assembly. It was about a Big Bad Wolf who had had enough of blowing down pigs’ houses and wanted to find a more relaxing fairy tale to belong to. He tried out many different stories, leaving disaster everywhere he went, before ending up right back where he started! We practised hard and had a lot of fun acting it out for the audience.

Science Week – The theme of Science Week for this year was Destination Moon. When we visited the library, Mrs White introduced us to a book called The Darkest Dark. It was written by real life astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who worked on the International Space Station and is well-known for making videos about life as an astronaut. This inspired us to find some of the videos he’d made to find out more about how astronauts do things like brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and even sleeping while in zero gravity.

Book Week – We love reading in Room 14, so Book Week was definitely a highlight. Some of the things we loved the most were dressing up, reading lots of stories, going to the book fair, meeting the Very Cranky Bear, and reading with our Year 5 buddies.

Sports Carnival – A couple of weeks ago, we had our sports carnival. Everyone agreed it was a fun day. We really enjoyed the running races and tabloids. The P&C cake stall was also a very popular event!

Growing Plants – In Science this term, we have been learning about living things. As part of this exploration, we have been growing and observing plants. It has been fun having our own little window garden!