We have been very busy with lots of learning and fun activities with Science Week and Book Week, preparing for Goonderup day, not to mention all our usual learning activities.
In Biological Science we have been finding out about living things and learning about plants and animals and their habitats. To help with our learning about plants, we grew some flowering plants and are observing how each part of it changes as it grows. We are also growing some interesting vegetables in the vegetable patch we share with the other Year 1 classes. We are growing beetroot, parsley and potatoes.

We read Jack in the beanstalk and are now working on texts to persuade Jack to Sell his Cow and then his Golden Goose. Just like Jack, we planted a magic bean but it is taking much longer to grow than Jack’s bean did. Let’s hope it grows soon. Let’s also hope we don’t meet up with a giant!

In maths this week we are learning about Volume and capacity. We have been doing many activities including lots of investigations using both rice and water. Even though everyone has done a great job cleaning up after our explorations, I think the cleaner will be pleased when we move on next week to learn about equal shares.