Students have had an exciting start to Term 4. Just after the school holidays students enjoyed dancing and catching up at the school Disco night. A very big thanks goes to our P&C who did all the organising. The DJ rocked and the photo-booth captured some great memories to keep for the years to come.

Not long after, Year 6 students from Rooms 9 & 10 joined together and left for our 3-day school Camp at Ern Halliday. As always, it was very well run. Students took on the ‘challenge by choice’ activities with bravery, teamwork and quite a few laughs. Activities included pump track mountain biking, archery, caving, flying fox, crate climb and lost pilot. After adding to that a games night, a movie night, some free time basketball and volleyball it was a very busy three days.

This week students have begun acting lessons with Helen O’Grady instructors to get prepared for our end of year celebration act. The class has started strong and the act is already looking great after one lesson.

In class we continue with our programs and start preparing for our end of year Graduation. Room 9 will be busy, busy, busy until the last day of school!