The Year 3s in Room 4 have had a very busy and productive first term. In 2018, Year 3s across the state have increased their time dedicated to learning additional languages and all schools are now scheduling and reporting on Technologies over the year. This has increased our French session times and led to Coding being introduced earlier for our students.

Writing expectations increase every year and our students are being taught with strategies from both Talk 4 Writing and Seven Steps to help them further develop and improve their writing skills. It has been great to see some of the light bulb moments for students when texts are broken down and re-explained in new ways.

Leveled reading and spelling groups continue to be a part of our Year 3 teaching program to ensure all students are challenged adequately. With our first ever NAPLAN testing coming up also, students have been gaining a better understanding of the testing format through weekly support sessions.

Music opportunities have expanded for our Year 3 students and we now have class members participating in specialized Violin and Viola sessions in addition to their Music specialist sessions. Our Taikoz drumming incursion was a great success and students enjoyed applying their musical knowledge and participating on the drums.

Also, over the last few weeks students have been attending swimming lessons during the mornings to help keep them safe and knowledgeable around water. As we finish our busy and longer Term 1 it’s a great time for a holiday and refresh to prepare for what will also be a very busy Term 2. We are looking forward to seeing even more great work from our fantastic learners as the year continues!