In the last two weeks of Term 2, students in Room 14 explored the process of designing and producing a product that meets the needs or wants of the community as part of the Design and Technology learning area.

As a class, we discussed how shops need to provide products that customers want or need to buy. In small groups of three to four students they had to decide on a product they could make to ‘sell’ to their classmates using the given materials. Once this was agreed upon they then drew and designed what their product would look like and described the purpose of it. The students then had to have a go at making a prototype. They then got feedback and had to decide on any changes their product needed. Once this process was completed, their group then produced between four and six of their chosen stall items. The next task was to design and make advertising and signage for their stall. Students set up their stalls and took it in turns to run the stall and shop at the stalls using pretend money. They then reflected on the success of their store.

It was a wonderful morning and there was such an exciting buzz in the air as students participated in this rich learning experience. There were wonderful products produced such as, fidget spinners, photo frames, friendship bracelets, knitted fridge magnets and lots more.