After a refreshing break over the Term 2 holidays the students are well rested and ready for another term full of fun and hard work. This first week back in Term 3 gave us a kick start to getting ready for our assembly item in Week 4. We are well underway practising for our item.

This Term in English we will be covering curriculum such as Narrative and Persuasive writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, vocabulary instruction and a focus on Reading comprehension.

In Mathematics we will continue to explore addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as patterns, fractions, money and time; we’ll also compare objects between length, area, volume and mass. We’ll look at location and transformation and data representation.

In Geography we’ll be looking at maps, continents and other features of the world. In Science we’ll dive into Earth and Space learning about Earth’s natural resources. In Technology we’ll experiment with Coding on the computer and design and make objects from materials like cardboard and playdough. In Health we’ll focus on identifying what a healthy lifestyle looks like covering food choices, fitness, community and safety.

Our classroom garden bed is being taken care of very well by our garden monitors. Soon we will be harvesting the carrots and basil ready for our next lot of seedlings to be planted.

The students of Room 2 have had a positive first week after the school holidays and we look forward to a productive Term 3.

Ms Dunn