Design and Technology
The class, inspired by the artist Kimmi Cantrell, created their own masks. Designs were sketched, the project
criteria re-examined and changes made. The end result was a set of beautifully constructed, colourful masks.

The students have been learning about ‘slow motion writing.’ Slow the scene down and describe the situation in terms of the five senses. Here is an extract from Xavier’s recount of the sports day. ‘My blood was pumping. I heard my mum cheering, “Go Xavier!” When we finished we had won. I saw the devastation in the other teams’ eyes. I smelt their disappointment when our team was handed the first place ribbon.”

Maths is always fun when shopping and food are involved! Georgie and Julienne are examining food labels to determine total grams and millilitres.

History and Geography
For thousands of years Aboriginal people have cleverly navigated their way from place to place in Australia. ‘How do they do it?’ was the question posed to the class. Students removed all forms of present day mapping and technology to create paths from home to school using the location of natural landforms and the topography of the land. Pictured are: Daniel, Xavier, Juliette and Emily.

The topic of protective behaviours has been an important part of health lessons recently. The students are becoming familiar with the six ‘Protect Yourself Rules’ and how and when to apply them in their lives. Pictured holding our booklets are: Mason, Ashton, Jasmine and Mirah.

NAIDOC Week and Book Week
The students participated in a cooperative art project as part of NAIDOC Week. Pictured are: Thomas, Alanah, Oscar, Mitchell and Emmeline. They also joined in the fun during book week going to impressive lengths to create highly imaginative costumes. Pictured are Georgie, Amir and Emily.

Room 2 students enjoyed the annual fun run. They said it was….wel….fun! And dodging Mr Baker’s super-soaker made it that much more thrilling! Pictured are: Bronte and Alannah