In Term 2, all of the Year 1 and 2 classes embarked on a journey to learn about supply and demand. The students were given the challenge to work in small groups and create a product that they were able to mass produce and that their peers would want to buy.

The students reflected on the recycled materials available to them and worked in their groups to design and develop a product that would appeal to a large audience. After seeking feedback from other groups in their class, they started production.

The range of products was immense from class to class, but the common thread was the excitement and enthusiasm all students had to sell their stock at the North Perth Primary School Market.

Finally the time had come, it was Week 9, and their products were ready for distribution. After all their work the students felt they deserved an opportunity to thoroughly explore the Market, so they did what any enterprising entrepreneur would do. They put out a Job Advertisement on Connect seeking parents and carers with keen customer service skills to man their Market Stalls.

Lucky for the students many job applications were received and the stalls were well manned by our amazing families in Year 1 and 2. When 2.15pm, rolled around and the markets opened the students were quick to survey the stock at each stall and select the two best products to purchase with their ‘money’.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped make our day a success. We all loved having you involved in our fabulous Technologies project. We look forward to the adventures we will have in Digi Tech this Semester.