English – Poetry
Over the past two weeks we have been learning about different types of poetry. So far we have learnt about haikus, limericks, cinquains and odes. Check out our display of poetry in the hall.
Leah & Lucia

Mathematics – Measurement
In Maths the Year 4s have been learning about area. Ms Covban gave us a task where we had to find all the different shapes you could make with 14 square metres. We used grid paper and one centimetre blocks. We learnt that to find an area you multiply the width by the length.
Maggie & Saskia

Science – Desert Survivors
In Science we have been learning about desert survivors and how animals and plants adapt to their environment. We have been researching different animals and how they have evolved to this day.
Mary & Sofia

Visual Art – Desert Survivors
In Visual Art with Mrs Hart we are painting Australian North West desert survivor animals. We are using a warm coloured background with some white and black blended into it. Some of the animals we have chosen are the spinifex hopping mouse, dingoes, emu, thorny devil and frilled neck lizard.
Ruby & Pablo

Physical Education – Rugby Skills
This term Ms Covban has been our sports teacher because Mr Naumovski has been away. We have been practicing rugby skills like passing, kicking and running. It has been physically awesome!
Jozi & Jordy

Open Classroom
On Tuesday the 28th of May our parents came to visit our open classroom. We learnt about reconciliation and completed a word search and designed a poster. When we finished, we read a chapter of our class novel (Two Weeks with the Queen) to our parents and class mates. It was super fun and we hope we can do it again!
Chemia & Olivia