Welcome to Term 4! We cannot believe that we are only seven weeks away from the end of the school year! Take a look at some of the exciting learning experiences that have been happening in Room 20.

Tower Inquiry

During activity time in the classroom, staff had noticed the children building towers and tall structures. To support their interest, we planned a variety of learning experiences to allow the children to explore and create towers with different materials. One activity the children engaged in was designing a tower of their own, using the available 3D objects. They attached a description to their tower before identifying the 3D objects they used.
Other opportunities were made available for the children to explore towers in both the indoor and outdoor environments. These experiences allowed the children to extend their knowledge of 3D objects, as well as their ability to collaborate with peers to achieve a common goal. The children also developed their problem solving abilities, perseverance and reflective thinking, as they encountered challenges through the learning process.

Fairies visit Room 20

The day started out like any other, but then the children began to notice a few differences in the classroom. There were small patches of glitter on the floor? Where did it come from? We discussed the types of things that come to mind when we think of glitter… fairies and magic! The teachers then shared a procedure with the children titled “How to Find a Fairy”. Once the children had listened to the procedure, we set out to find fairies in the classroom, and we did!
This experience introduced the children to procedural writing. Once we knew all the parts that make up a procedure, we had a go at writing our own to describe how to catch a mythical creature. If you ever need to know how to catch a giant, a unicorn, a mummy, a vampire, a pirate, a mermaid, a witch, a troll, a zombie, or a dragon, Room 20 can definitely help you out!

Take a look at some of the other fun activities we’ve been getting up to in the classroom through the photos below. It’s been a wonderful year and we look forward to the final weeks ahead.

Miss Smith, Mrs White, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Smith