In the first few weeks of Term 2 we had fun exploring the new areas in our classroom and creating a special gift for Mother’s Day. We were also busy exploring our Talk for Writing text and learning about compliments.

The Three Little Pigs
We went out to the playground like any other day and noticed a small construction site had appeared. Someone had been busy building with straw, sticks and bricks… but who? The children began eagerly looking for clues to solve the mystery before coming to the conclusion that it was The Three Little Pigs! Later that day, we revisited the construction site and began learning the story of The Three Little Pigs. We retold the story daily and created a class story map and big book to help us identify all the different parts that make up a story. Now we’re going to have a go at innovating the text by changing parts of the story to make our own. We look forward to seeing what the children create!

Words and our Heart
In Semester 1, we discussed how words can affect our heart. We read the story “Words and our Heart” by Kate Jane Neal, and reflected upon how powerful words are. Twiggle the Turtle from our social and emotional program supported our discussions by teaching us all about compliments. We talked about what a compliment is and how it feels to receive a compliment – really good! We then began to develop our ability to give and receive compliments by creating a class compliment wall, which the children added to by writing a compliment to a friend. Parents and family were also provided with the opportunity to get involved and were invited to add to our compliment wall daily. The children have continued to develop their skills in giving and receiving compliments, by offering compliments to our daily PATHs Kid of the Day. It’s been wonderful to see our classroom filled with kindness, positivity and encouragement 

Take a look at some of the other enjoyable learning experiences we got up to in the photos below.