Welcome to Term 2! We cannot believe that we are only nine weeks away from being halfway through our first year of school. So far we have been really busy remembering all of the things that we CAN do at school. We CAN put our hand up if we want to share an idea or thought, we CAN share our classroom toys, we CAN put all of our belongings in their correct spots ready for the day ahead. These are just a few of the things that we can do now that we are Kindy children.

We have also been learning and sharing all of our knowledge and understanding in relation to our names and exactly what words are. To assist us with understanding language sounds and rhythms we had Mr Duncan visit us with all of his instruments that are made from recycled materials. We used a large variety of instruments to change speed and sounds just like we do when we talk. It was a super exciting morning and everyone had lots of fun.

This term we look forward to generating lots of rhyming words and tackling those bigger numbers like ten. Mrs Whitney also has a feeling that a very special delivery just may appear in our room.  Stay tuned for that one…


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