The School Council wishes to thank all members of the school community who participated in the recent online survey on the Homework and Behaviour Management policies. The Behaviour Management policy is being reviewed by staff and the Homework policy is being reviewed by School Council in consultation with staff. Your responses to both surveys have been taken into consideration as the policies are reviewed.

The following is a summary of the feedback received on the current Homework policy.

  • There were 76 respondents.
  • The respondents represented a cross section of the year levels at North Perth Primary School.
  • 79% of respondents had read the NPPS Homework policy.
  • 58% of respondents had a positive opinion about the amount of time allocated to homework tasks.
  • 50% of respondents had a positive response to the use of the Homework Grid.
  • 61% of respondents were happy for reading to be a separate time allocation on the homework grid.


The comments received in the survey were largely concerned with finding time in busy after-school schedules to complete homework. Reading was identified by many respondents as being the primary and most important homework task.

Many parents questioned the value of homework other than reading in the early years and lower Primary. On the other hand, many parents identified a need for homework in Years 5 & 6.

Many comments referred to current research that suggests that homework has limited value.

Concerns were raised by some parents about the type of tasks (eg. not age appropriate, lacking in variety, too much project work, too complex, not achievable). Some indicated that tasks took substantially longer than the time indicated on the grid. The option of a reduced homework grid format (top line only) was raised.

Some parents indicated that they would appreciate feedback about the completed homework and their child’s progress.

The role of homework as a communication tool about what is being learned in class was identified by some parents.


The overall response from the survey question indicated that the majority of NPPS parents are happy with homework as a component of the learning process. They see it as important in communications between home and school about what is being taught/learned in the classroom. Some parents would like more feedback.

Parents would like to see a variation in homework tasks set across the year levels, with a focus on reading in the lower Primary years.  Parents see play and free activities after school as more valid than set homework in nurturing the whole child.