On Wednesday 21 March North Perth Primary School hosted Taikoz – The Art of Japanese Drumming incursion. Here are some of the student’s recollections.


Ryuji’s Shinobue playing had an amazing flow! It made me think of seaweed very clearly. I liked how the Katsugi Okedo became loud and soft at times. The chants were magnificent! I think the performance was good. It was amazing how it was their fourth concert in a row that day! It was amazing how much strength they needed to hit and play the drums.

Mira Year 5 Room 13


I thought it was very powerful and loud. The instrument I liked the most was the Nagado-Daiko because it was powerful and strong and they were played with big bacci.



I liked the flute piece called sakura. It had a nice calm feel to it that made me feel safe and warm. The flute was called a shinobue and it was made from bamboo. My mind picture was a bird chirping in a sakura tree.



My highlight of Taikoz drumming was Sakura played on the shinobue a flute of wood, it was peaceful and wavy it made me feel calm and relaxed.



My highlight on Taikoz were the intro on the Katsugi Okedo because it was forte and Ryuji’s solo on the Shinobue because it was a calm change to the forte drumming.



The Nagado-Daiko was very loud, it was like it vibrated inside the under covered area. At the start Ryvji Sophia and I played a crazy piece on the Katsugiokedo which I really liked. There were these two –toes-sick-shoe things which enables them to balance while playing.