Welcome to our Flaming 4 class newsletter! We presented our Charlie & the Chocolate Factory assembly on Wednesday 1 November. Our class studied the book last term and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, the life of the amazing Roald Dahl and we have learnt heaps about chocolate!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written by Roald Dahl in 1964. Did you know Roald Dahl’s favourite colour was yellow and he wrote with a yellow pencil on yellow paper! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was made into a film in 1971 and once again in 2005.

During Bike Ed we learnt about all of the safety habits you need to know when riding a bicycle. We also learnt about bike safety checks before you get on your bike. We really enjoyed having Christina and Mike teaching us the correct ways of bike riding.

Ethan & Evan

Our class has enjoyed two STEAM sessions this term. We were introduced to the techno-disc which is a small plastic disc that has lights that can change colours. The lights have movement sensors. We played games were we had to move without the techno-disc changing colours. We’re looking forward to the next sessions where we can build healthy, creative movers and thinkers!

Laura & Sofia