Planning to upgrade our covered assembly area has commenced with a $450 000 grant allocated through the Local Projects, Local Jobs program.

The initial plan is on display in the school hall and includes the following features :

  • main roof extended by 6.9m
  • limestone retaining wall installed to the east of the building with capping to form seating
  • motorised roller shutters to enclose the space
  • two sets of double doors to the space
  • new verandahs/overhang ¬†on the north and south side of the building
  • ramp to the small verandah in front of the toilets
  • new paint finish and line marking.

The area has been surveyed and the final design development phase is scheduled to commence shortly.

At this stage we anticipate construction to take place between April and June 2018.

Please direct all enquiries or feedback regarding this project to Karen Lockyer, Principal.