‘We have had a busy term of learning in Room 6 Year 2. In Writing, we have learnt about the text structure of recounts. We went outside and blew bubbles and then wrote a recount about blowing bubbles. We are now learning about narrative text, using the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’

‘In History, we have been learning about the history of our school. We went on a history walk, looking out for things which we thought showed that our school was very old. We also had two guest speakers who were¬†former North Perth Primary School students. They told us about what school was like for them. We also looked at pictures of old and new school equipment and compared them.’

‘For Science we are looking at Chemical Science. We are learning about materials and mixtures. We have mixed together different substances and we made play-dough by mixing different ingredients together.’

‘In spelling are learning many different sounds. We sort words according to these sound or we learn a spelling rule to help us know the way to spell a group of words.’

Written by students from Room 6.