Room 2 has had a tremendous start to the school year – we are off and running!

The students are all enthusiastic and focused on their learning and they are an absolute pleasure to teach.

This term we have begun building a classroom culture for success. We are developing growth mindsets. We are also learning how to build and maintain caring relationships with others – all this encouraged and supported by the wonderful parents of Room 2.

This is what we have been getting up to so far this term:


The students have been learning how to create paragraphs using topic sentences and main ideas. They are also adding ‘extra information’ to their paragraphs by asking themselves who, what, when, how and where questions. Here is an extract from Lucy:

The Most Amazing Fair
“At the fair there is always lots of food for people to eat. Lots of people eat cotton candy. It is amazingly pink. It looks and tastes like clouds. People also buy popcorn. It is a weird shape and it’s crunchy and hard but it still tastes delicious. Cool drinks are great! They are fizzy and liquidy. It fizzes slowly down into your tummy.”


We have been building on our place value and partitioning knowledge. It has been fun using the MAB blocks to determine the difference between two numbers.


Civics and Citizenship is the topic being studied this term. This aligns very nicely with our school values of inclusivity, respect, resilience and responsibility.


We have embarked on our Science topic for this term. The students will get a deeper understanding of Biological Science, minibeasts and their habitats.


We are looking at how success, challenge and failure strengthen personal identities. We are examining our self-talk, persistence and how we meet new challenges.


The students are learning how to open a new word document, and most importantly, save it successfully to their personal file.