On Monday 23 October, B’Tutta, a Percussion Quartet, performed for our students.

The students from PP – Year 6 had done preparatory work in their music classes before the incursion.

The band members introduced themselves as Graham on marimba, Mark on drums and marimba, Cameron on vibraphone and Andy, performing on both bass drum and marimba.

Graham and Cameron introduced us to many of the music elements used in the concert, such as ostinato, contrasting tempos and dynamics, conducting and creating imaginative music stories.

B’Tutta’s instruments included a concert marimba and vibraphone, bass drum and snare, conga and djembe and an array of percussion instruments, many also found in the music room.

The concert was highly interactive, with students performing with the band on percussion instruments or by the full audience playing body percussion. Even the teachers became involved, creating vocal ostinatos and movements at the front.

Cameron conducted us using a variety of gesture movements.

Eden from PP became a conductor of the band, gesturing them when to play, change go faster and stop.

Johnathon from room 14 and Isabella from Room 15 both took turns at conducting the band. The result was creative composing on both their parts and sounded excellent.

The B’tutta percussion performance was a combination of exciting percussion rhythms and driving melodies, lots of creative and interactive fun and often very loud.

It was a brilliant incursion, enjoyed by students and teachers alike.