The Art program at North Perth Primary School includes the fields of art, craft and design. The students are encouraged to create original visual representations that communicate and express their imaginative ideas. They gain insight into the significance of Visual Arts in society and learn how to respond to artistic works through their developing awareness of artworks from social, cultural and historical contexts.

All classes have an art lesson once a week. Purposeful projects are set to inspire creativity and foster enjoyment and appreciation of Visual Arts. Each group works on tasks that relate to their class topics as well as incorporating the necessary practical Visual Arts skills.

Students learn through discovery and experimentation by utilising visual techniques, processes and technologies. The goals and assessment criteria are discussed with each class and encourage a good standard and appropriate skill level while still providing challenges to extend the performance of all students.

Displaying the artwork is an important aspect of the program. The presentation varies from showcasing within the classroom, hall or library to whole school exhibitions.

In art lessons, the students are shown how to be organised in their approach to tasks. Positive self esteem is always promoted as well as individual thought and originality. They are encouraged to remain focussed on tasks and to show resilience by modifying their ideas where necessary. Also, they are trained to be conservative in the use of resources and to show respect for others and property.

Special Visual Arts Projects

At times special art projects, such as an Artist in Residence, are undertaken to decorate and enhance the school and its grounds. These projects provide intense tuition and extension as well as instilling ownership and pride in our school. The students also enjoy participating in various community based projects and competitions such as the Town of Vincent Christmas banner project.

Similarly with the other art forms, visual arts has the capacity to engage and inspire students, encouraging them to reach their creative and intellectual potential by stimulating imaginative and innovative thinking.

Art in School Grounds

As part of the school’s visual arts program, students have contributed to the installation of art throughout the school grounds including:

  • Mosaic slabs, the Wagyl and the Harmony Day wall mural (2000)
  • The Friendship mural, metal bug sculptures and stencilled pathway developed as part of an Artist-in-Residence program (2005)
  • The Six Seasons mural on the south side of Goonderup, our school oval, reflecting the area’s indigenous heritage (2006)
  • A rainbow arch designed by students which was constructed from recycled metal by sculptor Tim Keevil to mark the school’s 110th anniversary (2009)
  • A mosaic encouraging water conservation (2012)
Annual Art Events

Each year, a piece of student art work is framed and displayed within the school building as part of its ongoing history.

An annual Art Night was initiated in 2000 and is an exhibition of student’s work as well as a fund raising event enjoyed by the school community, with a new theme presented each year.

Recent Visual Arts News

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