All primary school students participate in a weekly 60 minute physical education class.  A varied program of athletics, swimming, interschool competitions and a fun run encourages student’s participation in physical activity.

A focus on creating nature-play spaces and upgrading play equipment around the school further encourages North Perth Primary School student’s participation in physical activity.

The Physical Education program aims to expose students to a wide variety of sports and activities, via a Bluearth approach. Students are provided with teaching and learning episodes that nurture positive self-esteem, providing a safe, supportive, inclusive learning environment. Students are encouraged to care for and respect themselves and others, to ultimately build confidence and resilience.


My program aims to provide a foundation that enables students to engage in lifelong physical activities, active leisure pursuits and/or participation in sports of their choice.

Through a variety of activities, both physical and cognitive, students develop a conscious awareness and acceptance of themselves and their abilities. The activities are designed to build a sense of purposefulness in students by developing an appreciation of how and why they are doing each activity. This allows students to exercise choice and intention, and have a sense of control over their lives.

However, having a sense of control requires being responsible for actions and their resulting consequences. Teaching students to take responsibility for their actions and choices is another key aim of my program. My program and teaching philosophy will assist in building on the strong values program at North Perth Primary School.

Live the Challenge

Students are invited to “Live the Challenge” and be the very best they can be. They are constantly challenging themselves to better their previous best, not only in physical education, but in all learning areas and aspects of life. Freedom of self-expression and responsibility for their own learning is also encouraged, to develop self-confidence and the motivation to be life-long learners.


Some highlights of the physical education calendar include:

  • T-20 Blast Interschool Cricket Tournament
  • Eagles Cup InterSchool Competition (Football, Netball, Soccer)
  • League Tag InterSchool Competition (Rugby League)
  • Goonderup Day (Year 1-6 Sports Carnival)
  • Early Childhood Sports Carnival (K-PP)
  • Division A Interschool Athletics Carnival
  • Fun Run
  • Edu-Dance(Creative Hip-Hop Dance Program)
  • Modcrosse (non contact version of lacrosse)
  • Department of Education School Swimming Program
  • Senior Students Adventure Camp

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