North Perth Primary School’s specialist Music Teacher conducts a weekly 60 minute class with each primary class.

In addition, the Music Specialist provides support to Classroom Teachers in the selection of music and songs for assembly performances and to support classroom areas of study.

The focus this year is on rhythmic work with an early incursion hosted by professional percussionists Joshua and Catherine from Kaboom Percussion.

In Year 3 to 6, consistent group work and team music games will be developed targeting team working skills, focus and productivity to enhance music skills development and creativity.

Careful, creative and focused use of instruments is a regular feature of class activities and a tool for accurate rhythm and notation reading skills.

Writing original songs, melodies and simple compositions encourages the necessary skills of simple score and music reading and writing.

The music program includes:
  • singing
  • moving
  • appreciation
  • reading, and
  • writing music


Singing and Choral work is the focus of the combined Choir. The choir will be made up of Year 2 -6 students, with the upper years taking leadership roles in guiding the younger members in vocal accuracy, self-discipline and whole group focus. There will also be the development of some small group and solo work.

If Massed Choir continues in 2015, all the choir students will learn the repertoire. However, only Year 4 to 6 students are eligible for the official massed choir group culminating with the Winthrop Hall performance. Opportunities for choir performances outside the school and at school assemblies will continue this year. I am looking forward to another exciting musical year.

The North Perth Primary School Choir performs at school events such as assemblies, community festivals, aged care homes and commemorative services throughout the year.  Selected middle and upper primary school students also perform at the annual Massed School Choir performance at Winthrop Hall, UWA.



Specialists from the School of Instrumental Music (SIM) provide weekly tuition to selected students in violin, cello, double bass, trombone and trumpet.   These students practise and perform as the North Perth Primary School Ensemble.

Students are tested for musical aptitude for selection to the program.To be accepted into an instrumental music program, students must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Willingness to participate in the instrumental music program
  • Enthusiasm and aptitude for music as demonstrated through participation in the classroom music program
  • Adequate parental support
  • Appropriate physical characteristics (for example, length of arms for trombone)
  • Ability to meet the requirements of the program (e.g. prepared to practise daily)
  • Achieve a score of 20 or more on the Music Aptitude Indicator or its equivalent on another musical aptitude test.

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