Specialist Programs provide a departure from many aspects of classroom-based learning, as students are exposed to new tools, techniques and ways of working together.  They are often the part of the school day that students look forward to the most.

The early childhood LOTE program introduced the French language and culture to the students through relevant, engaging interactive activities; song; dance; drawing; games; film; puzzles and role-plays.  French is taught to students in all primary year levels for 60 minutes per week.

The Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) supports teachers to identify and address the needs of students with Learning Disabilties and Difficulties.  These include those who have a physical or intellectual disability; experience significant difficulties in learning.

North Perth Primary School’s specialist Music Teacher conducts a weekly 60 minute class with each primary class.  In addition, the Music Specialist provides support to Classroom Teachers in the selection of music and songs for assembly performances and to support classroom areas of study.

All primary school students participate in a weekly 60 minute Physical Education class.  A varied program of athletics, swimming, interschool competitions and a fun run encourages student’s participation in physical activity.

The Art program at North Perth Primary School includes the fields of art, craft and design. The students are encouraged to create original visual representations that communicate and express their imaginative ideas. They gain insight into the significance of Visual Arts in society and learn how to respond to artistic works through their developing awareness of artworks from social, cultural and historical contexts.

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