Welcome to the big school!

In Room 9, the Year 1s begin the year adjusting to their new learning environment and being part of the ‘the big school’. Throughout the year they develop their ability to become independent workers as well as being a good team member. Students are encouraged to do their personal best at all times. I aim to develop a caring environment where students can be confident risk-takers. Room 9 students are expected to show respect for themselves and others at all times.

Independence and Responsibility

In Year 1, I encourage the students to become more responsible for themselves and their learning. This includes developing their organisational skills. In the mornings, the students are required to get themselves ready for the day. They complete morning activities, which include literacy and numeracy tasks to consolidate prior learning.

Literacy and Numeracy

Once the school day starts, the students participate in literacy and numeracy activities as part of their morning routine. This includes reading, writing and spelling, along with the Jolly Phonics program, which they have participated in since Kindergarten.

Parent Participation

Parental assistance is an important part of our school life. Our parents help with our reading program, as well as liaising with the P&C and assisting with our class garden. Our gardens provide the class with ingredients for cooking activities which our parents also help us out with.

Being a Year 1 classroom teacher is extremely rewarding. It is always a pleasure to look back at the end of the year and see the amount of progress achieved.

Suzy Minson

Year 1 Teacher


Room 9 is a Year 1 class.

Year 1 is taught in three rooms:

  • Suzy Minson
    Suzy Minson Class Teacher

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