Welcome to the big school!

Year 1 is an exciting time as students’ transition from Pre-primary into Year 1 and become part of ‘big school’. In Room 7 I endeavour to make the move an enjoyable one by building a sense of safety and trust through consistent routines and expectations in a caring environment.

Students can then feel safe to learn, try new things and make mistakes as they build on their skills and development.

Literacy and Numeracy

Developing a sound base of Literacy and Numeracy skills is a big focus in Year 1; rich programs are designed from school wide initiatives ensuring connections are made to prior learning. These include Jolly Phonics, Sound Waves and Origo Mathematics which are then tailored to their needs, abilities and interests.

Specialist Programs

Year 1 and 2 students at North Perth Primary School also benefit from a range of specialist programs including Art, French, Music and Physical Education.

Parent Participation

Parents are an active part of our school community and are often involved in teaching and learning programs and initiatives for improvements to the school, such as fundraising and installation of nature playgrounds and our new play dome on the oval. Students are excited to have parents involved in their learning and will often see them during literacy activities or when assisting with the class garden.

It is a pleasure to watch new students settle into Year 1 and become confident, active learners over the year. Their learning potential and ability to form an almost family-like group never ceases to amaze me. Each year it is both sad and rewarding to see them go and wish them well as all of a sudden they are on to Year 2!

Deb Smith

Year 1/2 Teacher


Room 7 is a combined Year 1  and Year 2 class.

Year 1 is taught in three rooms:

Year 2 is taught in three rooms:


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