Kim Hogan

Having taught at North Perth Primary School for the past three years I have had the opportunity to plan collaboratively with my colleagues, working together to improve student outcomes. I have enjoyed working with many different families and becoming a part of the vibrant school community.

In Room 7 we have Year 1 students learning in a safe and inclusive environment. I foster a ‘can-do’ attitude within my students by promoting the importance of learning from mistakes and having a go. Children learn in a variety of different ways and I aim to cater for their learning needs at a whole-class, small group and individual level. As an early childhood educator I provide a balanced learning program covering the outcomes outlined in the Australian Curriculum, whilst adhering to the principals of the Early Years Learning Framework: belonging, being and becoming. This is achieved by providing a play based learning environment along with explicit instruction and targeted learning activities.

We abide by three core values in our classroom; caring for myself, caring for others and caring for our environment. By adhering to these values the students develop the skills to positively contribute to our classroom community.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning for each and every student in Room 7.


Room 7 is a Year 1 class.

Year 1 is taught in three rooms:

  • Michael Egan
    Michael Egan Class Teacher

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