Welcome to the Year 2 and 3 class. In this class, the students are encouraged to become more independent in their learning. They are prompted to use the skills learnt in previous years to enable them to take more responsibility for their own learning.

In Mathematics, students begin to learn times tables and other number facts. This knowledge is vital for them to begin to develop strategies to enable them to solve operation problems mentally. There is a mental maths challenge held weekly and many other opportunities provided for students to learn number facts, however additional drills at home are encouraged. As in all classes in this school, the National Curriculum is followed in mathematics but much of the content of lessons comes from a program called Origo maths.

In English students are progressing from learning to read to reading to learn. This enables students to follow written instructions and to read and answer comprehension questions. They are able to manipulate the sounds in words. The students work on a learning program called Soundwaves, which revises sounds in a systematic way. When it comes to writing, they are generally more independent and begin to look at different text types such as narrative, persuasive text and instructional texts.

The ability to read and write on their own enables students at this level of their education to work more independently during lessons in other learning areas.

As this is a composite class, students are frequently involved in learning in small groups. Groups are allocated in a variety of ways including ability, interest and random. They will work in their year levels where this is appropriate although in many subjects, students can work on a similar assignment with adjustments to make it appropriate for each year level. For example, if the students are completing some writing different learning outcomes would be provided for both year levels, even though the topic may be the same. Where it is possible students will have opportunities to work and socialise with their peers from the other classes.

Parent participation is welcome within the class. Parents are encouraged to come to the class to help with many aspects of the learning program. Regular emails aim toward keeping parents informed of class events and the progress and welfare of individual students.

In this class, as in all classes within the school we will be working toward our vision of inspiring young minds, creating possibilities. As well as participating in exciting learning opportunities for this to occur, students will be provided with a learning environment that makes them feel safe, confident and happy.  In this way they will be able to become the type of learners that are able to realise their full potential.


Room 6 is a combined Year 2 and Year 3 class.

Year 2 is taught in three rooms:

Year 3 is taught in four rooms:


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