In Room 5, the Year 3s begin the year adjusting to their new learning environment. They learn the class rules of Being Ready, Being Responsible and Being Respectful. In Term 1, I focus on developing each student’s ability to be responsible for themselves and their learning. I work to increase the students’ understanding of themselves as learner; what their strengths are and how they learn best.

The students also spend time learning about how to be a good team member and work cooperatively with others. I utilise the Reflective Behaviours program to develop the students’ decision making skills. The program involves the children thinking about the choices they make and how it affects their learning and their peers.

Each morning, the students in my classroom are responsible for organising themselves for the day’s activities. Once ready, they have the opportunity to work on activities which consolidate concepts we have been learning in class. The students participate in Literacy and Numeracy activities as part of their morning routine. This includes Writing, Reading, Spelling and Maths.

Charlotte Walker

I provide the Year 3s in my class with opportunities to work with other students in the school. This includes being part of our school buddy program. The Year 3s have a chance to be a mentor to younger students whilst developing their interpersonal skills. Throughout the year, the students in Room 5 also have the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers from the other Year 3 classes.

Parent assistance is an important part of our classroom. Parents help with our learning programs in many ways. This includes helping in the classroom with Literacy and Numeracy activities and assisting teachers and students on excursions. We also have parents who help with our class garden beds. Our gardens provide our class with ingredients for great cooking activities which our parents also help us out with.


Room 5 is a Year 2 class.

Year 2 is taught in three rooms:

  • Charlotte Walker
    Charlotte Walker Class Teacher

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