I am a K-7 trained teacher, with a passion for Early Childhood Education and I have been teaching in public schools since 2008.

I have been a permanent member of the staff and the community at North Perth Primary School since 2011 and continue to develop relationships and memories with staff and families alike. In this time my experience with the North Perth Primary school and wider community has been a welcoming, engaging and ever supportive attitude where life-long learning is treasured by all. It is a delight to come to ‘work’ every day.

My personal teaching philosophy and style is one that encourages a passion for learning, making tasks as fun and ‘play based’ as possible to suit the learning styles of my young students whilst still explicitly teaching core concepts and knowledge.

I believe in balance and that is evident in the tasks my students undertake throughout the year where we utilise small group, focused learning tasks to teach and reinforce formal concepts as well as ‘constant positives’ such as painting, block play, home corner, construction, drawing, and so on to mirror the core learning in a less formal way. In this way the children can apply formal concepts learnt in real life play situations.

I foster creativity and curiosity through enriched, open ended, explorative tasks and projects, as well as addressing the need for evidence based work samples to reflect the outcomes outlined in the Australian Curriculum.

The balance between formal and informal, ‘I do then you do’, teacher-led and child-centred learning is struck and a model of best practice is implemented in our day to day routine.

In the eyes of a child I want my classroom to feel safe, sound happy and look engaging.

Kym Jaeger

Pre-primary Teacher


Room 21 is a Pre-primary class.

Pre-primary is taught in two rooms:


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