I believe every student is a unique person who requires a secure, caring, and interactive atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is my job as an educator to help and guide students to meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, fun, supports risk-taking and invites a sharing of ideas. Each child has the potential to bring something individual and special to the classroom environment. My teaching style enables children to develop their learning by believing in themselves as independent, capable students. I structure lessons by incorporating auditory, kinaesthetic and visual techniques along with cooperative learning strategies and guided individual instruction in a whole group, small group and individual student settings. This will help students develop the ability to judge their own accomplishment and set goals for themselves.

Classroom behaviour management is run on a whole class, small group and an individual level. There are many opportunities for students to accrue a number of points for their good behaviour, which then entitles them for a prize or a choice of a fun activity they would like to have as a reward. We run our class with a student, ‘job-chart’ this helps with efficiency and productivity in the classroom. All students have a job they choose for the fortnight. Points are also given for how independent they can be in their particular job they have chosen.

Morning fitness every day is a fun and healthy way to begin a day of learning. We alternate between indoor and outdoor movement games that consist of throwing and catching, the use of the obstacle course or team games. Health education in the classroom covers how to live a healthy life style and self-management skills. The whole school ‘You Can Do It’ program is also used.

The English and Mathematics programs function in the morning sessions. The areas covered in English are spelling, phonological awareness, reading and viewing (including guided reading rotations), writing, oral language and comprehension. There is a weekly spelling test that is given on a Friday. The Mathematics program covers mental maths activities, practicing times tables with an interactive CD along with other maths games, number, measurement and geometry as well as statistics and probability.

Learning should be fun and exciting at school as well as at home. The ‘homework grid’ is used to link home and our classroom work together. A variety of activities to complete are included on the grid, which varies from English and Mathematics activities to chores done around the home or sporting and performing/visual arts pursuits.

Parent help is a great way of bringing the community into our classroom. Parents can be rostered on in the morning or afternoon sessions to provide extra support where and when needed. Students particularly like when parents come in to help out with our class garden and reading sessions. Parent support helps provide a fun and comfortable working environment for all.


Room 2 is a Year 2 class.

Year 2 is taught in three rooms:

  • Sasha Dunn
    Sasha Dunn Class Teacher

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