My teaching career has spanned nearly four decades and each year I work hard to improve the quality of my teaching, which adds to my enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of, this wonderful profession. I still feel passionate and motivated and I am always willing to take on new approaches that will help make my teaching more effective. I know that my positive attitude towards teaching assists my students to feel the same way about learning (on most occasions!)

I try to create an environment in the classroom where my students feel safe; to interact freely, to be themselves, to learn, to make mistakes, to take risks. I strive to increase their confidence and resilience, so they will know their contributions are accepted and valued by everyone in the room. We build close relationships during the year which helps to set important boundaries, and which allows us to communicate with each other in a fair, respectful and open manner. I am aware that a lot of thought, care and hard work is required to deliver lessons every day in the classroom, but when it is done with mutual cooperation and a good helping of laughter and fun, then I know it has been a good day.


Room 15 is a Year 6 class.

Year 6 is taught in two rooms:


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