Learning Environment

It is essential for children to be part of an environment in which they feel safe and secure, are respected, and seen as a valued member of the class.

In Room 14, students will be made to feel welcome and comfortable from day one of the school year.

Building a community within my classroom is a way of creating a sense of ownership among my students, building a democratic learning environment (which will allow my students to have a voice) and a safe and accountable classroom. This will also enable students to be part of their learning, and assist in making decisions related to the curriculum and other classroom aspects such as the physical set up of the classroom.

Student Involvement

It is important to encourage students to be involved in all areas of the classroom, such as the classroom code of behaviour and the solutions to this, as well as in the establishment of classroom routines and in appropriate curriculum decisions so that they feel a sense of ownership towards their learning.

Code of Behaviour and Consequences

This is an important aspect of classroom life as students need to be aware of expectations and consequences. These will be decided within the first couple of days of the year, through a classroom meeting.

The code of behaviour and the consequences will be reviewed periodically, in class meetings so that students can discuss whether it is working or not. If they are not, they will be discussed and modified until WE can come up with a suitable compromise.


Room 14 is a combined Year 5 and Year 6 class.

Year 5 is taught in three rooms:

Year 6 is taught in two rooms:


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